Yourgene Health - A break above 13.7p would target 16.9p

Yourgene Health PLC , formerly Premaitha Health PLC , is engaged in molecular diagnostics business for research into, and the development and commercialization of gene analysis techniques for pre-natal screening and other clinical applications in the early detection, monitoring and treatment of disease. The Company's product, the IONA test is a non-invasive in vitro diagnostic product for prenatal screening enabling clinical laboratories to offer a regulated non-invasive prenatal test in-house. The IONA test estimates the risk of a fetus having Down's syndrome or other serious genetic diseases.

Market Cap - £71.88 Million

The shares are trading in a well-established range between 10.50p – 13.7p. The shares appear to be heading to the upper boundary of the range and we expect an eventual break of resistance at 13.70p. A break of resistance at 13.7p should lead to more upside over the medium term. Our upside target is 16.9p, which is around 40% higher than the current price. A break below support at 10.5p would invalidate the bullish view.

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