Why ZEC (ZCASH) Could outperform all other coins

Name PriceUSD Marketap Circulatingupply Maxupply Totalupply ATH ATL BTCNP ATH/PRc ATL/PRc

"Zcash ZEC" 29.58 450,671,988 16,328,269 21,000,000 16,328,269 5941 18.94 24.88372019 200.872211 1.561774023

BTCNP is calculated as : CurrentPrice*(CirculatingSupply/CirculatingSupplyOfBTC). This shows the Price of the coin, when it would have the same Circulating Supply as like BTC.

BTCNP von XRP: 1323 USD!
BTCNP von ETH: 11719 USD!
BTCNP von ZEC: 24 USD!

With the above Formula you can compare all coins to BTC.

You see above the basic data about zcash taken from Coinmarketcap.cap

Max Supply and Totalsupply is smilar like BTC. So Zcash is scarse.
AllTimeHigh/CurentPrice = 200 those times. So ZEC got 200 times cheaper than from its ATH, that means ZCASH is totaly oversold.

AllTimeLow/CurrentPrice = 1,56m , that means Zcash is currently available to near ATL Prices.
For BTC ATH/PRc=631299. That means bitcoint sells currectly to 631299-times Price of its ATL.
That means Zcash is still very very cheap.

The Pricerabge from current Price to ATH is 30 to 5941. Charts are usually symetrical and it appers to me that ZEC found its botto! So the the direction will be symetrical to the left side of the chart.

So what are the targets:

They are visible on the Chart: The range goes from 660% to 854000%.

So I think that others will see those possibilities on the data too.
So there is a lot of fantasy on this old darling of the coin community.

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