Are you holding ZIL since 2022? Here comes the rescue team πŸš€

BINANCE:ZILUSDT   Zilliqa / TetherUS
Hi, this is 1PERCENT.

Unlike other altcoins, Zilliqa (ZIL) experienced another significant bull market in 2022. However, after surging by 450% in just two weeks, ZIL began to decline by over 60% in a month.

Ultimately, ZIL ended up at -93% from its peak, leaving many still holding onto their positions.

The good news is that it appears that a rescue team is coming to save you.
ZIL is breaking through the accumulation zone of about two years.

Of course, the weekly candle needs to close above the resistance line and hold it, but it looks very positive now.

Recently, I have been continuously sharing some insights regarding market sentiment and asset cycles.


Retail investors do not change and keep repeating the same mistakes.
Therefore, making money is easy.

Avoid FOMO and overcome FEAR.

Also, since the cryptocurrency market often experiences corrections of 50-75% even during 10x, 100x; I'd recommend not to use excessive leverage

Good luck.

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