$ZM - Potential bullish trade set up

NASDAQ:ZM   Zoom Video Communications, Inc
The basis for this trade idea is primarily based on the massive falling wedge that's forming on the 1D (lines 1 & 2.)

In between those there is a secondary wedge , it's coiling a bit tighter and still important to the analysis. Recently price rejected at the intersection of this secondary wedge and a 1D trend (line 4) from over 16 months ago. Price rejections are fine in bullish set ups, they're expected. What bulls would want to see in this scenario is that this rejection sets a higher low and then retests and pushes through that resistance. Following that push bulls would want to see a structure swap, this is merely support OR resistance giving way to price action and then acting in the opposite fashion. So a resistance giving way to buyers and then those same buyers turning that level into a support and vice versa.

Key Levels

Once above line 4, I'd pay attention to resistances at 345 & 354. After that it should be relatively smooth sailing until 375 or so, in line with the volume pockets. Market makers will move price around to areas they find valuable, this could be pushing an equity to a support to take a long position or actually pushing it to a resistance in order to find short liquidity. With there being valuable price ranges for stocks, there are also areas where an underlying is less valuable from a trading perspective. I'm of the belief market makers do not find much value in the 357 to 375 range so price should push through without much issues provided overall market conditions allow it to do so. There are some November calls in UOA that suggest ZM might move towards line 3 though a move of that magnitude should take quite a while, if it happens at all.

Options UOA
$ZM 7/16/21 $350 Calls $780K Block order [13.00 per contract] <- I like these, personally
$ZM 11/19/21 $450 Calls $161K Sweep order [4.90-6.00 per contract]

- Warwick, OptionsSwing Analyst