ZM short then long (way long)

NASDAQ:ZM   Zoom Video Communications, Inc
After a very nice couple of days ZM is setup for a slight fall. The two purple boxes show recent gaps and I suspect one if not both of these will likely fill in the next day or 2 (or 3). Below those you can see some yellow dotted lines which are also gaps from early 2020 before COVID hit. Will those fill too? Not sure - we were very close the other day when the stock got to 94.51. I thought for sure that ~91-92 gap would fill, but it turned out that we created new gaps on the way up instead, so now there are 4 gaps below where we are now and as you can see on the chart, we are about to hit the apex of a small ascending wedge .

That said, if you zoom out over the last year you will see that we are also in a massive DESCENDING wedge as well, and assuming we do go down short term, it should only be temporary before we see a breakout squeeze. If you actually look at where the wedge converges, you'll see it is right in the range of the lowest gap, about $76.70 or so. Will it actually get that low? I don't know, I think it is possible if the people that have been saying SPY is going to 385 end up being right, but I think no matter what happens it is looking like a setup for a squeeze. FYI I don't see it getting lower than $75, there is hard support line there from 2019. Also just a disclaimer that my arrows are not pointing to any specific number targets, they are just going in the general direction that I am predicting.
Comment: ok well I was wrong about the initial short drop last week, although it had a slight pullback today and is now beating the highs from last week. Things are looking good for the moment but obviously the 4 gaps below 100 are still things to be aware of. Anyway, hope people have made some money on this trade.