Will online education survives post Covid-19 ?

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A Canadian follower wanted to know more about this counter.

One thing I have realised is the mistakes that some traders/investors made while drawing the trend line . You see, we like to see what we WANT to see. That is, we want it (actually we can't control it) to revisit the support at 3.34 and do a rebound.

That is an IF not a MUST as far as the market is concerned. A few scenarios can happen here.

1. It does revisit this level, hoover a while , give you a bullish signal , got you excited and then plunge to the 2nd support at 2.26. You don't like it ? I know .....but it is still possible.

2. It goes as what you wanted , Halleujah.......

3. It did not touch the support line at 3.34 and rebound thus you waited and missed the opportunity. Look at the recent tech stocks like FB and you will understand what I meant.

Now, the media is talking about vaccine at phase 3 level and many are predicting how soon it will be make available. And I wonder will the online education model still be a strong appeal since many will not be WFH? There must be a competitive advantage ,eg. school fees. If going to school on site costs more to attend and get the same certificate, why not spend less and do it at home ?

Or are there specialised courses that are only available online but not at school ? Something like that.....

Please do your own due diligence as well.
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