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The Foreign Exchange market is one of the most popular ones and it’s growing rapidly every year. Before electronic trading became commonplace currency trading was accessible only to large financial institutions, corporations, banks, hedge funds and extremely wealthy individuals. The Internet changed all that and now it’s possible for anyone to trade Forex with one mouse click through online brokerage accounts. Online forex trading never sleeps and goes on all around the world 24 hours per day, 5 days a week.

Forex market is more of a speculative market, with no physical exchange of currencies ever taking place, unlike for stocks or futures. All members trade based on credit agreements without clearing houses to guarantee the trades or arbitration panels to adjudicate disputes. The purpose of Forex trading is to buy or sell some currency with the goal of making profits through future purchases or sales. Forex traders analyze charts thoroughly in order to catch the right moment for a deal. Technical analysis of historical data is done with the help of popular analytical indicators and drawing tools, which are available directly from TradingView charts.
EURUSD, 60 Short
19 4340
The EURUSD is in a channel so a selling the break of the flag is a nice idea.
Use a tested strategy to trade. If you don't know when and how to enter better not do it because you will not be able to manage it and would likely lose you money. Trading is a high risk business, so if you need knowledge ,practice and experince to succeed.

Trade with care
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USDJPY, 240 Short
22 5386
My last Ideas was to short USDJPY when price
touch 106.70

I use the FIB 1.618 EXT to Take Profit
at 104.08, that's a great profit with 270 pips

Now the price rally and I am going to short it again
I am going to use the fib 0.618 again
now this time : look closely at 105.68
Good Luck!
USDCAD, 240 Neutral
3 929
Our last analysis:
(Click and Play)

Our last SETUP (closed)
(Click and Play)
NZDUSD, 120 Neutral
2 561
3 POTENTIAL Bats are waiting to be completed below. If you are thinking ot go SHORT, take heed of these bats as they are warning to not be too aggressive going SHORT on this pair for now.

My wave count also shows that this pair is currently in a wave 2 correction and this correction needs 3 waves up before completing. So far, only wave (a) of this correction has been completed.
You've been warned!

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USDGBP, 240 Neutral
7 124
USDGBP is forming a triangle. The Trigger is 0.765 --> TPs 0.775 / 0.78
In my Chart i have illustrated several supports and resists - These are potential action points.
All comments are welcome - agree or disagree - i am interested in YOUR views!
USDCAD, 30 Long
13 413
USD/CAD licking the support on my monthly price channel, very good long opportunity
5 291
EURUSD gartley pattern daily chart bullish
GBPJPY, 60 Long
0 303
GBPJPY completed a corrective set back in a bit more complex pattern with blue wave b wave triangle as a connecting wave. This move to the downside we now regard as completed and are waiting for the confirming push to the upside. We would like to see at least 142.70-143 move to confirm higher levels above recent highs.
3 163
EURUSD has confirmed my thesis, and is now rallying after the G20 meeting key level held.
We have to see if the Brexit key level is breached, which if it happens, will send the Euro to the 1.1163 handle, and perhaps slightly higher.

Additionally to these developments, derived from price action around fundamental events, we can also observe the 'Time at mode' signals on chart, and come to the conclusion that we will see rallying from here onwards, since the recent daily setup failed to proceed to the downside. By this week's close, the weekly trend will turn up if we see a close above last week's high, so, we'll most likely observe a counter trend rally, from the perspective of the monthly, which seems to be the timeframe in control in EURUSD.

On the topic of the monthly, which -if we favor top down analysis- is the timeframe in control of the main trend, and thus, the most spectacular and long lasting moves, if the month closes under 1.1216, there will be confirmation of a downtrend that aims for prices below parity in the long term. Hold longs for the time being, we will flip short at the top.
I'm long EURUSD from 1.1022, with stop at 1.0952.

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GBPUSD, 240 Neutral
1 189
Day highs were not able to sustain at 1.3145 levels and has rejected below 21DMA levels.

During the intraday sessions with bearish sentiments mounting as the pair has been attempting to break below supports at 1.3102 levels while leading indicators are signalling bearish momentum.

On 4H charts, we’ve spotted out a spinning top at 1.3139 levels with long upper shadow and long lower shadow and shooting star at 1.3135 levels.

Current prices have constantly been sliding below EMA, oscillating between sloping channel.

RSI: Currently, RSI (14) has also been consistently trending below 45 levels converging according to the price fluctuations as there is no clarity about the trend from this oscillator, on closing basis movement should be closely watched if it suggests downward signals.

Stochastic: It alarms bears trying to take over the rallies as the slow stochastic noises with the attempts of %D line cross over signifies intensified selling momentum.

Hence, we would foresee GBP on weaker side ahead of Fed’s monetary policy decision that is scheduled for today.

Trade tips: Buy cash-or-nothing options using boundary binaries for targets around 40-50 pips.

Upper strikes – 1.3130; lower strikes 40 pips below 1.3102.

The trading between these strikes would derive certain yields in this puzzling trend and more importantly these yields are exponential from spot FX.

For cash or nothing, these options would be exercised if the forward prices to remain between both strikes (i.e. 1.3130> Fwd price > 1.3102).
EURGBP, 240 Long
0 183
AUDUSD, 60 Short
25 1595
Price is testing an upper parallel of a median line set, and having a valid slope, we may trust this level. Stoploss and profit targets as shown at the chart. Always move stoploss at BE when first target has been reached.

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USDCAD, 240 Short
1 165
If you take a look at the DAILY TIMEFRAME for USDCAD, it DIDNT RETRACE for a long time! So im expecting the market to retrace etither now or a last push up then retrace till the WEEKLY LEVEL at 1.31000
I already have 3 entries, but i added a SELL LIMIT at 1.32700 just in case it goes up before it goes down!
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GBPUSD, D Neutral
0 164
The pair had impulse leg, and a rounded top tight narrow consolidation, suggesting to me if we break the lows we could have a nice downside move, in the form of a 3 wave cyclic move into the lows.

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NZDUSD, 60 Long
2 72
Just a good buying opportunity on NZDUSD with a good Risk to Reward. Just about 2:1 on this trade.

- We have a double bottom
- Bull Gartley lining up in my kill zone
- ABCD Pattern lining up in my kill zone
- Break & Close above structure
- Fib Inversion a bit lower inside the kill zone
USDJPY, 60 Short
0 233
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I have my eyes on potential structure trade on 1H, USDJPY - looking for shorts.
If you look left you will see that price closed lower than PB (PullBack), confirming a bearish rotation in the market.
We can clearly see a kill zone(blue box) between previous PB and structure - and it should come as a surprise for you that price hit that kill zone and reversed.
I'm expecting price to test once again the that cycle top forming a Double Top with RSi being overbought on left top.
Stops will be based on that Double Top, for targets - retesting the NSL. We will get a little bit more than 1:2 Risk/Reward for that bearish rotation opportunity.

Good Luck!

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