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1 day ago
CL1!, D Long
1 521
'Mixed feelings, like mixed drinks, are a confusion to the soul' (G.Carman).

The basic question is, whether the move from the top of the 9th Sept. we have an impulse or not. ... I cannot in good conscience to say YES.

11 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
0 45
Off the back of the Federal reserves interest rate hike decision last year, this pair entered a long period of consolidation before finally breaking to the upside during the beginning of Feburary and proceeding to complete an Elliot wave cycle. A possible imminent Bearish run presented itself during the Friday trading hours as the price broke through the Kumo cloud of the Ichimoku indicator with the conversion line crossing through the base line. A selling opportunity arises upon the retest of the base of the cloud which has aligned with a 38.2 Fibonacci retracement level. Ideally a Bearish reversal candlestick formation will present itself in the sell zone to warrant us entering the trade. Bearish divergence is present on a Momentum indicator as well as showing that the price is gaining some Bearish momentum by being below the 0.0050 handle. Profits will be taken at the 161.80% Fibonnacci extension level while stops should be placed above the cloud (1.13082), this affords this trade an excellent risk/reward ratio.

Please leave opinions/thoughts in the comment section!
22 hours ago
0 61
I've not been much into trading Daily charts but this seemed like a good opportunity
to maybe keep a trade in for more than a day and have a go at longer Timeframe trading.
** It may be an opportunity to stay away from being glued to a computer screen and enjoy the fresh air out there! **


Otherwise I would be looking
at a 70-100 pip SL based on
current daily ADX and/or
last Tuesday's daily high.

Happy Pipping! :)
9 hours ago
1 30

Potential ABCD pattern that can complete the weekly correction as a major ABC correction;

If so, I expect a bullish move ending around the weekly and monthly resistance @83.352$, forging an eventual Bearish Shark Pattern.

Taking the default ratios of a 5 waves impulse this is how it look. Just a guess.

For now, we have an ABCD pattern (cluster as target)

Point B:
61.8% XA
Point C:
113% to 161% AB
Point D:
161% to 224% BC
88.6% to 113% XC
38.2% to 100% CD

Safe Trades;
19 hours ago
USDCAD, 60 Long
0 36
USDCAD Can Be Rising For make third wave of zig zag correction
1 day ago
0 44
1 day ago
0 81
Chart is self explanatory.
1 day ago
XAUUSD, 120 Neutral
3 762
Risk aversion encourage price of yellow metal. Sharp rally started at mid January may be regarded as third wave. However, such a strong move may cause "failure" fifth wave, which does not move beyond the end of the third.
4 days ago
10 1011

A long silence here on $BTC #BitStamp, as the Geo completes an imperfect 5-prime (see parallel lines validation at 5') - Per Geo's Off-Set Rule #2, this 5-prime definition called for a rally with a HIGH probability target corresponding to the price level of Point-4. Turns out, this is exactly what price did, as it rallied from 5' but failed to continue its ascent above the price level of Point-4 - See light PINK range in the following chart:



For the adept in Geo, look for a near perfect construction, where 1-2 Leg represents a reciprocal ab = cd symmetry, the 2-3 Leg represents a complex Elliott Wave (EW) ZZ, the 3-4 Leg represents a simple EW ZZ, and price departs from the validation of the Geo's 1-3 Line.


As a reminder, the Geo's Off-Set Rule represent a geometric compensation where distortion of price along the 1-3 and 2-4 Line will tend to displace the high probability target, such that:

Off-Set Rule #1 - If price rallies from Point-5, the HIGH probability target lies along the 1-4 Line (same as Wolfe Wave target);

Off-Set Rule #2 - If price rallies from Point-5', the HIGH probability target lies at the price level corresponding to Point-4 (as was the case in this example);


Off-Set Rule #3 - If price rallies from Point-5'', the HIGH probability target lies at the price level corresponding to Point-3.

NOTE that the relative incidence of these rules are such that:

Off-Set Rule #2 > Off-Set Rule #1 >>> Off-Set Rule #3


Aside from this background geometry, the Predictive/Forecasting Model offers the two following high-probability target:

1 - TG-1 = 266.41 - 09 FEB 2016


2 - TG-Lox = 170.70 - 09 FEB 2016


The higher target that were defined last November remain unattainable at this point, based on the interdicting nature of the Geo's Off-Set Rule #2, whereby price remains subordinate to the Geo's 1-4 Line. However, invalidation of this rule should occur IF price BACA > 1-4 Line (RED arrows), in which case, bearish target would also become invalid.


Bearish outlook based on background Geo's rule and supported by Predictive/Forecasting Model's bearish target - Invalidation depends upon price breaching above the 1-4 Line.


David Alcindor
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting
Durango, Colorado - USA

Twitter: @4xForecaster
LinkedIn: David Alcindor

3 days ago
EURUSD, 240 Long
21 3230
Reasons for

-After huge move and break out of box range a week ago price has risen and become very bullish
-Therefore i believe it will continue to rise till 1.15000
-To confirm is bullish strength it has made higher highs
-And higher lows
-Creating a structure
-Also on the four hour we can see a long bearish wick to a downside which shows more buyers then sellers
-Then the next candle after that is a strong bullish candle to confirm the bullish momentum
-We also broke our key level to the upside 1.1000 so it adds to the bullish setup

If we go to the daily
We are clearly making higher highs and long term is very bullish after we broke the key level

alot of people have anticipated 1.11500 for a long time and now the dollar is weak this would be the perfect time

altho im already long from 2Pm for a news setup i had and currently in nice profit id advise people to go long now as it would be the perfect time
Trade safe only risk 1-3% per trade :)
1 day ago
GBPNZD, 240 Long
0 64
Any break of structure (channels) may trigger bullish euphoria.

Happy trading!
6 days ago
13 920
After SNB's intervention in 2011 and again in 2015 I felt that I would never again trade and CHF pairs. However, It is now giving the most clearest long term wave counts of any USD pairs which also confirms my view of USD bearish cycle I have held since late 2013, see other charts link below. Whilst I have been little early and premature in thinking the top in dollars has formed in my earlier publications, the overall picture has not changed and this is now potentially offering massive profit opportunity.

Under this scenario the USD appears to be in a major bearish cycle which is in the final stage, taking the form of Ending Diagonal commencing from 1987 (as Tradingview do not have necessary historical data, for details please see Screencast chart link - http://www.screencast.com/t/GMjsjj3nkkH ) which is shown in monthly chart (see below) to give full picture of this potential ending diagonal (falling wedge of 3-3-3-3-3 construction). It seems highly likely that wave 4 has just completed and wave 5 of ending diagonal has commence and if it develops as anticipated could give some 3000 - 4000 pips and risking less than 500 pips. In fact that is based on weekly chart, but if drop down to daily or H4 entry could be taken with lot smaller stop loss.

I understand this view would go against the general sentiments in favour of USD and lots talked about raising interest which would be USD positive. There are so many cross currents at work to really consider for anyone to see clear picture based on that fundamental. Therefore my view here is based entirely on Technical Analysis and my interpretation of Elliottewave Principle.

So in summary:
1. Final stage of major bearish cycle in the form of ending diagonal of 3-3-3-3-3 construction
2. Major top (wave 4) appears to have formed, with 2 attempted failures to break above previous highs (resistance)
3. Entry almost immediate (maximum stop under 400 pips), but on lower timeframe upon a pullback to Ideally to 1.0 - 1.01 zone with stop loss at 1.0275, ie approx 230 Pip (see H4 chart below)
4. Potential downside target offering 3000 - 4000 pips with some intermediate targets areas along the way.
5. To add confidence in coming to above conclusion see additional charts of other USD pairs giving the same overall view.
6. Invalidation would be price taking out the recent high at 1.0250.
7. If you trade on smaller time frame and wish to follow the trend then various methods could be used to manage the trade and look of re-entering short positions only and/or adding position on significant retracements.

Conclusion: If the above anticipated in USD unfolds then this could offer similar opportunities across several USD pairs in various degree. At the same time I anticipate significant bearish cycle in stock and putting this things together suggest possible outflow of money from USA's soil under repatriation of funds or unwinding carry trade with YEN being the strongest of all major currencies.

Warning: This is my interpretation of price action using TA approach that I consider helps me most5 but could be completely wrong. Therefore as always, do your own analysis for your trade requirement and ignore my views.

For those who appreciates my analysis, select to follow me and the chart for notification of future updates. Indicate you like my analysis by thumbs up, comments and sharing it with others. If you have an alternative idea then please be constructive and share for all to learn from.

Thank you for taking the time to read my analysis.

2 days ago
AUDUSD, 60 Neutral
0 234
On the Intraday chart of AUDUSD we suspect that price could be making a more complex correction in red wave B), than at first sight. That said last leg Y can now be underway and more upside may follow, after blue wave b-circled is completed.
9 days ago
0 1157
It looks like Bitcoin has just completed Wave (c) which is most likely a terminal impulse. This means that the overall (unconfirmed) pattern is an Irregular Flat on the daily time-frame, however, this pattern remains unconfirmed until we break the 0-B base line. Until then it is still possible that a triangle could form here. If this is actually an Irregular Flat then the target could be anywhere from 700-1125usd for this impulsive wave, if its a triangle the target could be as low as 600usd.

The terminal is more or less confirmed though so I am betting that this is the bottom and we'll get an extremely strong leg up from this point on. Momentum on all timeframes agrees and we are starting to trend up pretty hard. Being that this is a terminal the retracement of this entire pattern should be very fast. My time targets for the end of this "bubble" are around the time Quarterly settlement is for OKC Futures, which is March 25th, either on or around that date will most likely be where the top is.

It looks like the bottom is in here so it would be a good idea to stop out if the bottom of wave (c) does not hold. Everything looks good from here though, the bears are out of momentum and we still need another impulse to follow the trend we started back in November. any downside should be short lived until we get near the top.

Good Luck and Happy Trading!
2 days ago
GBPUSD, 30 Long
0 148
The Bullish 5-0 Pattern
The Bullish 5-0 starts at the 0 point, representing an extended down leg to begin the pattern at
X. The initial point X acts as the low of this prior substantial decline. After a quick reactive
bounce to the A point, the structure abruptly continues the decline, only to find support slightly
past the prior low at X. This is the failed wave 3 or wave 5 – in Elliot Wave terms – that
establishes the rest of the structure. However, the important limits from the Harmonic Trading
perspective requires that this X, A extension be at least a 1.13 but not greater than a 1.618.
After that impulsive failed wave is established, the BC leg rallies to at least a 1.618 extension
of the AB length but it does not exceed 2.24. Again, this tight range of 1.618-2.24 is a
defining element of the structure. If the 1.618 limit is not reached, the structure is not a valid
After the BC leg has reversed from that zone, the bullish 50% retracement is measured from
the B point to the C point. In addition, the Reciprocal AB=CD is projected from the C point
(an equivalent length of the AB leg) to compliment the Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ). It will
take some time to begin to identify this structure but the obvious characteristic is the failed
down wave followed by a precise 1.618-2.24 extension. At that point, it is important to
calculate the 50% retracement level with the Reciprocal AB=CD and study the price action in
the PRZ.

Looking to buy @ 1.4660 For TP1 and TP2.
Good luck !
2 days ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
4 120
An Ending Diagonal is running, when it has over,Corrective Wave will be coming.
buy is a good idea when corrective wave retest trendline and fib retracement
14 days ago
1 595
Gold has a simlar structure with silver which was published weeks ago.

Target price: 1140~1150.

After the TP hits, please pay attention wheter it can break the wedge or not.

Good luck for everyone.