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Elliott Wave Drawing Tools
Elliott Wave drawing tools are for creating wave counts. They are located on the top toolbar and include five types of tools for drawing different types of waves.
TLT, D Neutral
3 297
Hi Folks,
I noticed that ending wedges very often (more than 50% of the time) complete their 3-5 section at approx. 0.618 of the time it took them to complete the 1-3 section. The Fib-Time tool is great to spot these things. For the ending wedge in TLT this gives us a target of May 25th for its wave 5 which should mean we are about to see a very significant low in SPX at the same time.

Will the market have time to crash by 20-25% by end of May? I have no idea, but I am very much looking forward to finding this out.
1 245
Bulls stopped their run at pretty bad levels 450-460. This means triple top has formed. Yesterday bears awakened from their sleep and caused bulls to run away. However looking at long positions at bitfinex only 5% of longs were closed which means there is lot of potential for more drops to come. Also short positions are close to its lowest readings which confirms this possity.

Looking at market from Elliott Wave Theory there is two bear scenarios:
1. (red arrows and small letters a,b,c) move from 350 to 450 was wave b which means we are to experience wave c now. market is likely to drop towards 350
2. (blue arrows and capital letters A,B,C) wave B from 150 to 450 finished. We have just started wave C which is going to at least re-test previous low of 150.

Stop loss level for short positions around $450-455
UKOIL, D Neutral
0 140
0 79
Hello there!

After such a menacing drop I changed the labeling. Hope this is final ))
Below previous low @ 107.63 I think we will get massive stopouts.

But the chart now looks sharp thanks to BOJ.

Best wishes!
GBPTRY, 240 Long
0 10
TP: 4.1785 SL: 4.103
XAUUSD, 240 Long
0 72
Keep look for long bias only
EURUSD, 240 Short
0 70
Price has been struggling to move up. If the trend line breaks, it could be a beginning of a motive wave to the downside.
Trade with care.
XAUUSD, 60 Short
0 52
XAUUSD seems will move down with sharp trend. Wave #2 is around 78.6% wave #1 and when moves down , we can see 2 targets:
Target_1: 1216 (100% Wave #1)
Target_2: 1189 (168% Wave #1)
GBPUSD, 120 Long
0 52
Short term, we are long but limited.
For details, check our website for more #free charts:

US30, D Long
0 15
Following Elliott Wave Principle. Note negative divergence on technical indicators.
ETHBTC, 120 Short
0 226
Actionary 5L impulse ending 0.0151311 is a subdivision A of the ABC continuation of a leg A in a higher degree ABC packed into leg Z in an uber-extreme exsatough mind-melting gigantesque triple zig zag combination.

Both green ABC and blue ABC are poised to reach much wider price range than they seem at this time, leaving a room for bear continuation up until 05.22. A conjunction of a flat with blue ABC of a higher degree has me thinking about two different ways this plot could develop.

1. In a regular flat purple 5-L impulse ended above 1.382 level 0.0151311 from where leg B of a green ABC proceeded to marking a new lower high 0.01764, giving us inkling of where the parent leg C is going to terminate, it must be somewhere between 0.0137 and 0.01315.

2. Its an expanding flat and all the space between the end of leg C and 0.01315 is bridged by a single 5L actionary impulse slanted down to the extreme 2.236 ext. level.

Neither P.1 nor P.2 impacts the destination by prices but proposes different ways of parsing subwaves.

We must get hit by a severe retreat and depart from here in a vertical plane to the 0.0132666 base from where we will develop a moderate ricochet slightly below the recent low 0.0151311. The bottom line is, dont long. Add shorts but dont long. Never buy rapid tops, they weaken fast.

The down route projected in this chart could be respected differently, kind of involute curled fluctuations tending where btc wants them to, not necessary a straight path to the earnings release. When more data comes in I will update the chart if there are any meaningful alternations in the trend direction.
CL1!, 240 Short
0 202
A clear break and sustain trading above 45.5 may take crude oil to as high as $50 before sharply down.
USDCAD, 60 Neutral
1 43
That's quite the engulfing candle following the Crude Inventories News. A turn back down here would be a total surprise. Look up for a while on this pair... I think,
EURCAD, 15 Short
0 22
Analyze description on our instagram page

Note: The proper position size based on the trade capital exposure and account size will risk no more than 3%

0 22
Hai Traders,

as usual will make the explanation simple.
- Weekly timeframe formed wedge, it can become ABCDE or just ABC by elliot wave as presented on picture
- Volume shows more volume in sell

I will sell this pair. this trade going to take several weeks or maybe months.
If this trade isn't suit your style, don't trade it.

Good Luck and Trade Wisely
USDJPY, 60 Neutral
1 419
Markets are not moving much at the moment as traders awaits FOMC Statement tomorrow. As such, price action can be slow for another 24hours, but from a technical point of view we will stick our bullish USD view.

On USDJPY below we see three waves of decline from recent high that can be wave four pullback that belongs to bullish impulsive wave three-circled which may reach 112.30-112.50 area this week, but only if 109.89 invalidation level is not breached.