Elliott Waves

Elliott Wave theory is one of the most popular and effective approaches to systematic trading.

Elliott Wave Drawing Tools
Elliott Wave drawing tools are for creating wave counts. They are located on the top toolbar and include five types of tools for drawing different types of waves.
IgnatBorisenko IgnatBorisenko TOP USDCAD, 30, a day ago
USDCAD: USDCAD - wave ii
665 2 28
USDCAD - wave ii
There's an opportunity to have wave ii during the day
EXCAVO EXCAVO MCD, M, Short , a day ago
70 0 9
MCD, M Short
Elliott wave + Fibonacci 1-2-3-4-5 already done. Now need go to A-B-C
inspiredbymick inspiredbymick PRO USDJPY, 15, Long , 10 hours ago
USDJPY: Intraday Setup for Bullish USD/JPY Run
110 2 5
USDJPY, 15 Long
Intraday Setup for Bullish USD/JPY Run
Price has completed ABC Correction on Impulse leg from higher time frame ABC Correction. Expecting Bullish momentum to continue. Entry at 104.19 TP is at 104.50 for 30 pip gain. SL at 104.03 for 16 pip risk.
InsideMarket InsideMarket XAUUSD, 60, 15 hours ago
XAUUSD: GOLD/DOLLAR - The daily fractal.
122 0 4
GOLD/DOLLAR - The daily fractal.
This is a hourly wave count. For the bigger picture see "RELATED IDEAS". Happy trading!
DavidMarcy_TradeHuntFx DavidMarcy_TradeHuntFx NZDUSD, 240, Long , 24 minutes ago
NZDUSD: NZDUSD - Corrective wave 4 is underway
6 2 2
NZDUSD, 240 Long
NZDUSD - Corrective wave 4 is underway
We already have a long position open on this pair. At the momement we are retracing wave 1 of the 5 wave expected corrected move up to form wave 4 of the longer term 5 wave move down. To enter this trade, look for a 61.8 retracement of wave 1 on the lower time frames.
Deebh Deebh USDCHF, D, Short , 20 hours ago
23 0 3
On the daily chart of USDCHF, we have an AB=CD completion @ 0.99524.
markrivest markrivest SPX, 15, Short , 6 hours ago
SPX: SPX Delveloping Horizontal Triangle
53 0 2
SPX, 15 Short
SPX Delveloping Horizontal Triangle
The SPX could complete wave "C" of a developing Elliott wave Horizontal triangle on 10/25/16. Wave "c" of "C" appears to be forming an Ending Diagonal Triangle. Resistance could come at the convergence of the rising and falling trend lines. Also today 10/24/16 the NDX made an all-time high that was unconfirmed by every US main and secondary stock index. It was also unconfirmed by all nine SPDR sector funds. No major international stock index confirmed the NDX high. The NDX recorded a triple bearish divergence vs. the Nasdaq new 52 week highs. The NDX all-time high could be the most outrageous non-confirmation in the history of the US stock market. Mark
ABCDRuler ABCDRuler CHFJPY, 60, Short , an hour ago
CHFJPY: Short CHF/JPY AB=CD +Trendline
63 0 4
CHFJPY, 60 Short
Short CHF/JPY AB=CD +Trendline
Short CHF/JPY AB=CD +Trendline
weeno310 weeno310 PRO USDCAD, D, Long , 6 hours ago
33 0 2
just testing out new things learned about Elliot Wave theoryFX:USDCAD
Eboard10 Eboard10 SLV, 30, a day ago
SLV: SLV - Likely to Bottom in November
34 0 2
SLV, 30
SLV - Likely to Bottom in November
The next couple of days will determine the time horizon for Silver to complete the larger degree wave (2) correction. Wave 4s are known to be the most unpredictable ones as they can extend for a long time and are more likely to take complex forms than wave 2s. Given the current price movement, SLV is either going to move up as a wave c of iv to reach the mid 17s or complete as an ascending triangle in the mid 16 range, before the last leg down as a v of C that will signal the end of this correction and the resumption of the bull market sometime in November.
CroomFX CroomFX NZDUSD, 240, 12 hours ago
NZDUSD: NZDUSD Bullish momentum for the week.
31 0 2
NZDUSD Bullish momentum for the week.
The Wave C correction was very consolidated. Price continued a bit lower out of my target zone. Price has now turned bullish, after the first initial push, we had a break of the bearish channel. We had our first pullback at the .618 retracement level in confluence with the channel retest.In result I'm considering the first impulse wave and the correction Waves 1 & 2
Guerrera Guerrera AUDNZD, D, Long , 19 hours ago
22 0 2
I think we have very good opportunity to go UP daily, now I'm waitnig correction and then next wave UP.
aibek aibek UKOIL, D, 4 hours ago
UKOIL: UKOIL (Brent crude). Alternative count. Ending diagonal
22 0 3
UKOIL (Brent crude). Alternative count. Ending diagonal
It could be an Ending Diagonal in the position of wave C. We can reach then the $55-58 area where both 61.8 of A and the top of diagonal meet. Break below 45.12 (wave II) would invalidate this count. I will add another possible count in the comment to this post to show you different perspectives.
CurrencyWaves CurrencyWaves PRO EURJPY, 240, Long , 10 hours ago
EURJPY: B Down on #EURJPY looks complete
41 0 1
EURJPY, 240 Long
B Down on #EURJPY looks complete
The move down on the #EURJPY looks complete and I am looking for a move back above 116.00 over the coming weeks. A break above the 60 RSI would be a nice sign of strength.
robus robus USDCAD, W, 2 days ago
USDCAD: USDCAD: Y extension to 1.38 followed with C for Target 1.20
172 0 4
USDCAD: Y extension to 1.38 followed with C for Target 1.20
WXY completes at 1.38ish and huge fall to complete the ABC Cycle. I will keep updating on the smaller TF. This pair will affect Crude too. I expect crude to pullback to 38 again and then towards 70$$.
mikebiz mikebiz PRO USOIL, 240, Long , 2 days ago
USOIL: Changing my plan for USOil
140 1 8
USOIL, 240 Long
Changing my plan for USOil
During the past month(s), I've posted ideas about crude oil that have all called for some type of ending wave pattern that would flow into a down trend resulting in $25 oil or lower. The actions of price in the past several weeks caused me to revisit that plan and in doing so, have changed how i look at price and indicators. Additionally, it's forced me to eradicate all Elliott Wave and Fibonacci and other type tools from my view. I found that these just led me to telling the market what to do instead of listening to what the market was telling me. With this, I revisited my interpretation of monthly, weekly, daily (23H), and 4H charts on crude. I no longer believe that crude will make new lows but is now setting itself to test highs. I will not try to predict targets but instead look at areas of support and resistance as they evolve in the respective time periods. For now, I'm looking at a point where I can go long crude. Starting with the 4H chart, the ADX has slipped below 20 indicating price consolidation. I think that this consolidation will setup the next bit move up as it did beginning August 26th. This would provide alittle more pullback on daily chart but would set up nicely my bullish interpretation of the weekly and monthly charts. Daily https://www.tradingview.com/x/fB9CAHmq/ Weekly I think that weekly crude will not look back or see lower 40's anytime in foreseeable future and here's why. In referencing jul 2015 (A), the market was in a major bear market, the TSI, RSI, and ADX were at extremely oversold conditions and the push past 52.2x move these indicators back to overbought for a bear mearket (TSI moved up to 0, RSI moved up to 60 (bear market RSI shift to 60-20 range) and the +DMI did not takeout the high of the -DMI during this push. Additionally, the 50P weighted moving average was down. As the market continued down, TSI and RSI begain to diverge and the ADX began to make lower highs as price made lower lows (divergence). In reference next point (B), the market started to drive off of the low put in place and now, theh 50P WMA has proved some support and has started to turn up. The TSI moved up and has pulled back to 0 during the correction. The RSI pushed up to 75 so now it's rolled over to a bull trend and that implies that 40 will be the new oversold (80-40 in bull trend). Bottom line: 2016 looks like 2007 as far as the indicators go. Q: Will price repeat its action over the next 2 years https://www.tradingview.com/x/eRl3jtyb/ Monthly Monthly chart does provide a different view of weekly. But, as I'm looking at it, weekly price and indicators are a leading micro view of what monthly will track to. Looking at the TSI and RSI as to where they are now on monthly, I could see these pushing up to 30 on TSI and over 60 for RSI on this leg up. Even though the -DMI is above the +DMI on monthly, a move up to pull TSI and RSI up as noted above could keep the ADX well above 20 and set something up called a change in dominance where a 'V' pattern bottom causes the DMI's to swap or change dominance without any type of consolidating bottom in price. 60 may be a good place for initial resistance but I think the pullback on monthly will look more like the weekly price/indicator action between June 2016 and now. https://www.tradingview.com/x/pWTr6GrH/
glennmercer glennmercer PRO GBPUSD, 30, Long , 3 days ago
GBPUSD: GBPUSD Wave Count: Here's A LONG Entry
403 0 15
GBPUSD, 30 Long
GBPUSD Wave Count: Here's A LONG Entry
Hey traders! In case you missed it, I am long on this one already, see related ideas. I want to add at the levels shown with a SL below the invalidation level. Drop below here means the bullish impulse is not the beginning of a five wave sequence and I want out. Also, this is the typical SL level for a Gartley pattern which has just completed in the PRZ. TP is still at potential Gartley completion above price. Happy trading!
Aerot Aerot PRO BTCCNY, 120, Long , 2 days ago
199 0 3
BTCCNY, 120 Long
Fo Fun
Could be donezø. Possibility of having some more in the tank. ∑ßå = f(x,y)
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