Elliott Waves

Elliott Wave theory is one of the most popular and effective approaches to systematic trading.

Elliott Wave Drawing Tools
Elliott Wave drawing tools are for creating wave counts. They are located on the top toolbar and include five types of tools for drawing different types of waves.
XAUUSD, 240 Short
5 278
It's fun to decode gold moments using Elliot Wave principle. Precious metal never gives what we want. The last week bull was very predictable. The "bearish" move yet to began. It can be impulse or correction. I love to get that. I have very difficult plan for this week. It's not easy to digest when we face NFP this Friday. Let's wait.

Looking for a level which is slightly below of 1305

Have green Pips!
SPX500, D Long
5 139
SPX500 confirmed a new impulsive wave after it broke out of the consolidation area.
It was in a small flat correction for the last eight trading days. If it breaks out of the flat correction area, it will go up furtherer.
I will go long if it breaks out this area with SL at 2160.6
TP1: 2214.7
TP2: 2260.2
TP3: 2325.5

Good luck for everyone!
AUDUSD, 240 Short
0 138
Price is at major resistance area at 0.76000. The candle did not close bullish above last weeks candle followed by the bearish shooting star. Finding a nice short would be a good idea before its continuation up.

4 Hour:
Price is in a nice upward channel. I see a possible Head & Shoulders pattern forming. The right shoulder can possibly form in the price area of 0.76000 - 0.76500. Break of the neckline is a good area to enter for short. Next area to look at to long would be 0.72500 - 0.72800

Wishing everyone a good trading week!
0 93
M & W charts: We are in wave 4.
In this D charts, I can see a complex WYZ correction of the wave 4.
We are now doing Z, the last of 5 waves, to finish wave 4
0 45
Based on my Elliot wave analysis there is a possibility BTC is very soon going to enter the C wave of the large correction.

Off course BTC can hit to around 1400 USD first before entering the C wave. But I don't think you should expect BTCUSD to go up far above 1500 USD in the near future.

This chart is in logarithmic scale.
0 24
Fourth and Fifth wave copletion.
0 16
This is in relation to my bullish outlook on this stock. (I've provided the link for original post below too.)
USOIL, 120 Long
2 663
Following the last chart I posted, we have seen what now appears to be a completed pattern in the decline, slightly exceeding the target level I gave for where I expected the intermediary lows to form.

Regardless, it now appears to me that the market is getting ready for a 300 pip (or so) corrective rally. This will be a counter-trend rally which may provide us with a great shorting opportunity once it completes.
0 99
If this is a triangle in EURUSD, then we are going to see a very sharp move down very soon. Watch for completion of wave E in a few days.
AUDUSD, 45 Neutral
0 48
looking to sell the pair in the near future with some extra probability for a turn as the rest of the Elliot wave puzzle unfolds. Hope some of the things im sharing helps us.
ATVI, 240 Long
0 57


Safe Trades;
XAUUSD, 60 Neutral
2 668
On the 1h chart of Gold we are observing an idea of a flat correction that took place in red wave (B) and could now be already over, as of recent price action. As we see three sub-waves are visible in wave B), meaning that this correction is completed, and more weakness could be in store for wave C, ideally towards the 1310 mark.

USDCAD, 15 Short
0 61
uc short
43 30684
Currently we have just finished a major market bull move (2-1200) and its subsequent bear move correction (1200-150). No new lows for 9 months. The bear market is over.

Now we are in a quiet, flat period of quiet. Quite similar to that of April 2012, not only in price action but more importantly in popular sentiment. Bubble fever is emotionally dead, people at Bitcoin meets and conferences no longer gush excitedly about financial success.

Fractal self-similarity shows that if this is indeed 2012 deja-vu, the future price path shall take us to $600 within 1 year (wave 1), $13000 within 2 years (wave 3) and possible wave 5 extensions after that.

Recall my previous Elliot Wave possibility of $120k.