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Sine Wave

The Sine Wave is a technical analysis tool based on advanced mathematics that indicates if a market is trending or in a cycle mode. It helps traders identify the start and finish of a trending move as well as possible shifts in the trend. This leading indicator is also called the MESA indicator and was developed by John Ehlers based on an algorithm, that was originally applied to digital signal processing. It consists of 2 lines, called the Sine Wave and the Lead Wave. When the price is trending, the lines do not cross and usually run parallel and distant from each other.

Crossovers between these lines could signal turning points and generate buy or sell signals under the right conditions. The indicator can also signal if a market is overbought or oversold (meaning the price is unjustifiably high or unjustifiably low), which could point to a stalling or reversal of the trend. Whether used alone or in combination with other techniques or non-correlated indicators (such as moving average-based indicators), the Sine Wave is a useful tool in a technical trader's toolbox.
XRPBTC: Ripple
8068 16 102

Long term view

WhenToTrade WhenToTrade PRO EURUSD, D,
EURUSD: cyclic smoothed RSI Indicator
148 0 6
cyclic smoothed RSI Indicator

The chart shows a cyclic smoothed RSI indicator in comparison to the normal RSI indicator. The current dominant cycle is used to smooth and make the RSI more clear and crisp. The turns of the smoothed indicator signal line and the crossovers above the dynamic upper/lower bands are highlighted with arrows on the chart.

WhenToTrade WhenToTrade PRO AAPL, D, Short ,
AAPL: The "One More Thing" cycle in indicating a AAPL top
107 0 5
AAPL, D Short
The "One More Thing" cycle in indicating a AAPL top

In march 2015, we revealed a running sentiment cycle of 116days in AAPL. Apple lost over 20% after this forecast during the next 100 days. This cycle is now back and signaling a cycle top. It is in timing alignment with current "One More Thing" announcement. The current dominant cycle as of today can be seen here: The ...

smartstep78 smartstep78 PRO GBPJPY, 240, Long ,
72 0 5
GBPJPY, 240 Long


KellyBacile KellyBacile LTCBTC, D, Long ,
LTCBTC: Litecoin buy-in opportunity. Potential double.
761 1 13
Litecoin buy-in opportunity. Potential double.

After a hefty sell-off, Litecoin has reached the bottom of a horizontal channel. If the sine pattern continues, Litecoin should double by the end of September. The RSI has reached the oversold zone and the bottom of it's sinuous oscillation, signaling a price reversal as well. Buy around 0.01 BTC and sell at 0.021

forker forker PRO SBUX, D, Short ,
SBUX: SBUX - Starbux's caffein sine waves
78 0 8
SBUX, D Short
SBUX - Starbux's caffein sine waves

I see these two sine waves as you can see, market on the chart. In my head, this could play out as follow: - filling the GAP - wipe out the longs who placed their stop below the minor sine wave - pullback and... - ...because of short term overall market drop, wipe out even the stops below the macro sine wave. Whoaah...a little too far ahead for my feelings. But ...

forker forker PRO GC1!, D, Long ,
GC1!: GC - Gold broke the sine wave. Short term long.
248 4 18
GC1!, D Long
GC - Gold broke the sine wave. Short term long. halted to the tick at the L-MLH. Supported by the A/R line, what we have here is a long candidate. As a target I simply choose the EP = Energy Point. P!

forker forker PRO RUT, D, Long ,
RUT: RUT - Russel pressing could release soon.
292 2 8
RUT, D Long
RUT - Russel pressing could release soon.

Here we have a) the broken sine wave b) the pressure cooker ...and a flow to the north. This pressing could explode soon. It's a pattern I observe since years, and it works very well. After the explosion, the steam settles first, bevor floating upwards again. P!

evansjahja evansjahja LTCBTC, 60,
LTCBTC: Nice fit with sine wave
165 0 4
Nice fit with sine wave

Surprising to see how the price seems to follow sine wave in such narrow channel. Trend will change, though, after hitting the lower bollinger band, towards higher variance

forker forker PRO RUT, D, Long ,
RUT: RUT - Russel ready to start climbing.
127 5 11
RUT, D Long
RUT - Russel ready to start climbing.

Here is why I see that the Russel could climb again: The orange up sloping frequency shift is reached. From there, RUT jumped up - in addition, the sine-wave center was breached and hence price is ready to turn. Besides all these facts, there is one bar that caught my attention: The green marked one showed a nice intention to the upside - watch the close! So, ...

forker forker PRO CL1!, W, Short ,
CL1!: CL - Crude on a test/retest bevor the breakdown?
293 2 19
CL1!, W Short
CL - Crude on a test/retest bevor the breakdown?

Here we have it picture perfect! On the left side, you can see the big sine-wave-swing. These sine-wave swings often get broken fist, before a further movement in the original direction. And so it happened. Price was not able to move further north. Oil organisations did all to keep price up - even manipulating in the news... As I wrote in the previous post: ...

forker forker PRO GC1!, D, Short ,
GC1!: Gold GC - L-MLH Gapped
134 0 10
GC1!, D Short
Gold GC - L-MLH Gapped

Usually if al Medianline is zoomed or gapped, we can expect a Test or even a Re- Test to it. From then on, price will fall. In this context I see a small Sine-Wave pattern (yellow dotted Sinewave). We know that the center of S.W''s. are usually get broken, bevor the market starts to turn again and bags the shorts in the up move, wich in it self again produces a ...

CryptoCoinNomad CryptoCoinNomad BTCUSD, W,
BTCUSD: Bitcoin Long-term perspective
466 4 10
Bitcoin Long-term perspective

Overlaying sine waves on top of a long-term weekly chart of Bitcoin suggests that the price could have already peaked for this time period and the next dramatic rise will not occur until 2020. Of course, this is only hypothetical based upon previous price movements. The result of the BTC ETF (due March 11th) if successfully passed could likely lead to a new ...

BigEz BigEz PRO USOIL, 60, Short ,
USOIL: WTI Voodoo & the Dollar Carry Trade.
504 7 9
USOIL, 60 Short
WTI Voodoo & the Dollar Carry Trade.

My short at Friday's currency wave indicates that oil is over bought. and has been since Christmas. COT reports shows new money (retail), MM, Chinese, etc.. are all long, at +seven to one (7/1), with record net positions. Both the timing and direction of the dxy/oil value wave, confirms this is a carry trade. Cheap money leveraged longs.. with little or ...

forker forker PRO UPS, 480, Long ,
UPS: UPS - RiskReversal After Stop Pain
56 2 9
UPS, 480 Long
UPS - RiskReversal After Stop Pain

Lot's of stops where hit probably behind the bigger structure. It's the Sine Wave center, that is usually broken, bevor price returns in the opposite direction. So, this is my chance and I'm on with my RiskReversal for a credit. P!

forker forker PRO EURUSD, 30, Long ,
EURUSD: EURUSD - Intention for a crime...and they often come back. ;-)
244 6 16
EURUSD, 30 Long
EURUSD - Intention for a crime...and they often come back. ;-)

So, here we have it again. After the blue "Time Eater", price has to break out of this range. You can identify the "killer break". It's made with intention, it will show up - like here, this huge bar (orange). After the breakout, there is a small pause (yellow Sine Wave Center). This Sine Wave Center will often get broken, because the week hands hide their stops ...

forker forker PRO ES1!, 60, Long ,
ES1!: ES - 15min Sine-Wave / 1Line Trade
89 3 8
ES1!, 60 Long
ES - 15min Sine-Wave / 1Line Trade

This is about what I have posted the last two weeks. 1. Kill the middle of the Sine-Wave 2. go up to the 1-Line (white, slanted) 3. and come down again. Take it as a potential, it's nothing more! P!

forker forker PRO CLG2017, 480, Short ,
CLG2017: Crude - Doomed? ...what's doomed?
87 4 10
CLG2017, 480 Short
Crude - Doomed? ...what's doomed?

I have some Credit-Spreads on the D. TF and price of CL. is very near at my short strike (50). Unfortunately this week are some news events about CL. So I decided to go lower in TF to see what's going on and I found this. We have a Sine Wave going on in the 480mins. As of my last postings, you can see that they show up allover the place in any market and any ...

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