Investment Banks/Brokers

Indian companies operating in the same investment banks/brokers industry

The list below has Indian companies that operate under the same industry, investment banks/brokers. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as JSW HOLDINGS LTD or those with the best price dynamics like UGRO CAPITAL LTD, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
BSEBSE LTD383.218 B INR2 784.25 INR−1.58%989.946 K0.6849.4656.30 INR+273.68%0.42%Finance
Strong buy
TATAINVESTTATA INVESTMENT351.708 B INR6 826.25 INR−1.81%45.54 K0.70100.1868.14 INR+36.95%0.69%Finance
ANGELONEANGEL ONE LTD258.946 B INR2 835.15 INR−1.59%371.901 K0.7222.93123.64 INR+26.89%1.67%Finance
ISECICICI SEC. LTD236.762 B INR720.55 INR−1.56%520.209 K0.4816.4243.88 INR+18.85%2.90%Finance
CDSLCENTRAL DEPOSITORY209.846 B INR1 975.95 INR−1.60%3.704 M1.4558.5033.78 INR+21.50%0.80%Finance
MCXMULTI COMMODITY EX194.681 B INR3 727.05 INR−2.39%1.38 M1.4527 485.620.14 INR−99.62%0.50%Finance
IEXINDIAN ENERGY EXCH135.448 B INR146.50 INR−3.52%10.539 M1.1138.143.84 INR+12.62%1.32%Finance
JMFINANCILJM FINANCIAL78.55 B INR80.05 INR−3.09%3.085 M0.6210.997.28 INR−3.32%2.19%Finance
JSWHLJSW HOLDINGS LTD77.336 B INR6 831.05 INR−2.01%7.437 K0.9346.31147.51 INR−46.48%0.00%Finance
EDELWEISSEDELWEISS FIN SERV71.36 B INR74.75 INR−1.12%4.458 M0.5316.754.46 INR+68.87%1.98%Finance
SHAREINDIASHARE IND. SECURITIES LTD65.51 B INR1 674.20 INR−1.73%114.944 K0.6213.73121.92 INR+31.96%0.56%Finance
IIFLSECIIFL SECURITIES42.87 B INR134.05 INR−3.91%962.892 K0.899.8313.64 INR+72.88%2.15%Finance
UGROCAPUGRO CAPITAL LTD23.125 B INR256.60 INR+2.54%267.744 K1.5022.0111.66 INR+159.70%0.00%Finance
Strong buy
MONARCHMONARCH NETWORTH CAP LTD20.22 B INR588.40 INR−1.44%39.496 K1.010.17%Finance
PNBGILTSPNB GILTS20.143 B INR108.05 INR−3.18%686.861 K0.65131.690.82 INR0.00%Finance
GEOJITFSLGEOJIT FINANCIAL S19.605 B INR79.80 INR−2.86%776.143 K0.7115.545.14 INR+19.15%1.83%Finance
5PAISA5PAISA CAPITAL LTD17.277 B INR538.25 INR−2.82%98.112 K0.4926.4420.36 INR+85.98%0.00%Finance
DOLATALGODOLAT ALGOTECH LTD15.854 B INR88.15 INR−2.06%1.267 M0.7916.305.41 INR−39.61%0.28%Finance
SMCGLOBALSMC GLOBAL SECURITIES LTD15.239 B INR138.05 INR−5.15%919.507 K1.1910.1113.65 INR+7.11%1.65%Finance
CSLFINANCECSL FINANCE LTD10.446 B INR445.35 INR−2.94%19.004 K0.8216.9526.27 INR+20.95%0.55%Finance
VLSFINANCEVLS FIN LTD INDIA9.179 B INR253.60 INR−3.96%48.697 K0.673.7367.93 INR+129.25%0.57%Finance
THEINVESTTHE INVESTMENT TRU7.567 B INR145.85 INR+1.53%7.596 K0.5927.145.37 INR0.00%Finance
BIRLAMONEYADITYA BIRLA MONEY6.25 B INR105.05 INR−4.37%66.26 K0.7413.537.76 INR+28.19%0.00%Finance
PRIMESECUPRIME SECURITIES5.99 B INR174.90 INR−3.56%38.539 K0.4328.396.16 INR+165.52%0.28%Finance
ARIHANTCAPARIHANT CAPITAL MKTS LTD5.966 B INR57.00 INR−0.35%348.957 K1.3712.414.59 INR+19.43%0.70%Finance
INDOTHAIINDO THAI SECURITI3.466 B INR340.15 INR−0.56%7.942 K1.3161.065.57 INR+1 429.60%0.46%Finance
IVCIL & FS INVESTMENT3.112 B INR9.65 INR−3.02%387.169 K0.8839.370.25 INR−51.48%8.07%Finance
ALMONDZALMONDZ GLOBAL SEC3.099 B INR113.50 INR−1.99%46.474 K0.619.8011.58 INR+133.47%0.00%Finance
WELINVWELSPUN INVESTMENT2.834 B INR772.40 INR−2.90%1.474 K2.0052.8014.63 INR+74.52%0.00%Finance
IINDBANKINDBANK MERCH BANK2.258 B INR47.65 INR−6.20%291.782 K1.0130.041.59 INR+70.08%0.00%Finance
IINVENTUREINVENTURE GROWTH &2.05 B INR2.40 INR−2.04%338.427 K0.2621.960.11 INR+27.69%0.00%Finance
DDBSTOCKBRODB INTL STOCK BROK1.656 B INR46.10 INR−3.25%43.415 K1.1320.332.27 INR−6.96%0.00%Finance
KKEYFINSERVKEYNOTE FINANCIAL1.355 B INR185.70 INR−3.43%3.758 K0.075.4634.00 INR+316.90%0.52%Finance
AAUSOMENTAUSOM ENTERPRISE1.273 B INR89.50 INR−4.23%5.127 K0.2661.411.46 INR−55.88%0.54%Finance
SSTEELCITYSTEEL CITY SECURIT1.15 B INR74.45 INR−2.23%55.388 K2.0411.896.26 INR−25.23%3.94%Finance
BBLBLIMITEDBLB1.073 B INR19.60 INR−4.85%53.609 K0.3314.311.37 INR+43.93%0.00%Finance
GGATECHDVRGACM TECHNOLOGIES LTD696.001 M INR3.55 INR−1.39%15.255 K0.08122.410.03 INR0.00%Finance
GGATECHGACM TECHNOLOGIES696.001 M INR1.35 INR−3.57%229.351 K0.7546.550.03 INR0.00%Finance
HHBSLHB STOCKHOLDINGS675.937 M INR89.45 INR−5.84%21.769 K1.352.4436.65 INR+423.13%1.06%Finance
TFLTRANSWARRANTY FINA563.035 M INR10.70 INR−6.55%143.29 K0.46−1.62 INR−27.65%0.00%Finance
221STCENMGM21ST CENTURY MANAG534.765 M INR50.40 INR+1.92%7.99 K2.576.867.35 INR0.00%Finance
KKHANDSEKHANDWALA SEC LTD461.733 M INR29.55 INR−2.80%35.66 K1.80−0.79 INR−148.18%0.00%Finance
HHYBRIDFINHYBRID FINANCIAL SERVICES285.532 M INR9.00 INR0.00%3.142 K0.4423.070.39 INR+69.65%0.00%Finance
NNAGREEKCAPNAGREEKA CAPITAL &258.614 M INR20.50 INR+1.74%1.89 K0.36−22.05 INR−830.33%0.00%Finance