The Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie (GPW), internationally known as the Warsaw Stock Exchange, is headquartered in the capital, financial centre and largest city of Poland: Warsaw. It is the main Polish stock exchange and the largest exchange in Central and Eastern Europe. GPW lists 483 companies, 432 of which are domestic. Among them are actively traded companies such as Tauron, Orange Polska, PKO Bank Polski, Boryszew and PKN Orlen. The GPW has a benchmark stock market index called Warszawski Indeks Giełdowy (WIG) that has been in use since the first trading day.

It tracks the performance of all listed domestic companies. Related indices are the WIG20 and WIG30, tracking the performance of the 20 and 30 largest companies listed on the GPW respectively. The exchange also offers other instruments such as bonds and futures. TradingView has tools like a stock screener and quotes dashboard to help traders find the best opportunities on the Polish stock market.