Stock market sectors of South Africa

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Non-Energy Minerals5.191 T ZAR4.08%−0.59%394.677 K535
Consumer Non-Durables3.83 T ZAR3.88%+0.14%64.242 K59
Finance2.857 T ZAR6.15%+0.53%1.463 M1180
Retail Trade2.391 T ZAR0.92%+0.22%675.945 K722
Consumer Durables1.688 T ZAR1.93%−0.82%30.29 K22
Distribution Services1.483 T ZAR2.12%−2.09%1.137 M213
Technology Services770.699 B ZAR0.83%+0.03%244.744 K312
Process Industries417.584 B ZAR6.12%+0.11%254.49 K615
Communications353.123 B ZAR4.92%+1.90%1.457 M36
Consumer Services248.883 B ZAR2.26%+0.23%649.727 K711
Health Technology112.49 B ZAR1.71%+1.27%244.438 K13
Energy Minerals48.113 B ZAR10.81%−0.40%179.087 K24
Transportation38.38 B ZAR3.33%+0.13%646.785 K37
Health Services30.745 B ZAR4.86%+3.71%4.157 M12
Commercial Services30.523 B ZAR3.50%−0.25%127.809 K312
Industrial Services21.05 B ZAR2.39%+0.36%40.988 K18
Utilities19.602 B ZAR14.33%−0.41%107.84 K11
Electronic Technology11.243 B ZAR0.39%−3.70%1.76 K22
Miscellaneous10.271 B ZAR12.39%+2.44%1.688 M185
Producer Manufacturing6.953 B ZAR1.59%−0.98%22.449 K56