Stock market sectors of United Kingdom

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Finance4.348 T GBP3.10%−0.13%2.958 M14612
Health Technology3.024 T GBP1.28%+0.19%353.114 K5259
Electronic Technology2.824 T GBP1.28%−0.26%460.599 K9212
Technology Services2.73 T GBP0.58%−0.66%56.018 K4276
Energy Minerals1.192 T GBP4.15%−0.22%6.889 M4122
Retail Trade1.16 T GBP1.32%−0.69%585.046 K10101
Consumer Non-Durables1.159 T GBP3.31%−0.26%975.225 K9108
Producer Manufacturing1.126 T GBP1.50%−0.11%195.044 K8196
Non-Energy Minerals930.009 B GBP3.48%+0.14%706.187 K6246
Utilities922.26 B GBP3.44%+0.37%558.973 K464
Consumer Durables895.513 B GBP2.07%−0.05%100.825 K888
Consumer Services818.614 B GBP0.88%−0.42%310.415 K9123
Process Industries677.406 B GBP1.93%+0.00%104.703 K8101
Transportation544.885 B GBP2.24%−2.14%60.767 K659
Distribution Services523.296 B GBP1.64%−0.79%6.868 M465
Commercial Services518.608 B GBP1.56%−0.49%992.936 K5143
Industrial Services505.381 B GBP3.52%−0.02%10.293 K577
Health Services448.291 B GBP1.03%−0.36%330.72 K435
Communications324.357 B GBP2.50%−1.29%9.309 M318
Miscellaneous9.622 B GBP4.32%+0.18%5.316 M23220
Government162.774 M GBP0.22%−1.24%011