MTF EMA Ribbon & Bands + BB

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Multi Timeframe Exponential Moving Average Ribbon & Bands + Boillinger Bands

I used the script "EMA Ribbon - low clutter, configurable " by adam24x, I made some color change and I added a few indicators (Boillinger Bands, EMA on multi timeframe and EMA bands from "34 EMA Bands " by VishvaP).

The script can display various EMA from the chart's timeframe but also EMA from other timeframes.
Bollinger Bands and EMA bands can also be added to the chart.
Release Notes:
Added "Source" for BB and MTF
Release Notes:
Added "Hull Moving Average" indicator
Release Notes:
Added the possibility to change the moving average type
Release Notes:
Added Gradient Fill
Cleaned up the settings menu, changing EMA to MA now that the Moving Average type can be changed
Release Notes:
Made some changes
Added Rolling VWAP and Standard Deviation Bands (pmk07)
Added HalfTrend line (everget)
Added Gaussian Channel (DonovanWall) with the possibility to change the time frame
Release Notes:
Made small changes
Release Notes:
Added LSMA type
Colors can be edited again in the Style tab
Release Notes:
Gradient fill only apply to displayed moving averages
Release Notes:
Rework of this script
Release Notes:
Some cleaning
A rework of this script is available
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