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Library "DrawingTypes"
User Defined Types for basic drawing structure. Other types and methods will be built on these.

  Point refers to point on chart
    price: pivot price
    bar: pivot bar
    bartime: pivot bar time

  Properties of line object
    xloc: X Reference - can be either xloc.bar_index or xloc.bar_time. Default is xloc.bar_index
    extend: Property which sets line to extend towards either right or left or both. Valid values are extend.right, extend.left, extend.both, extend.none. Default is extend.none
    color: Line color
    style: Line style, valid values are line.style_solid, line.style_dashed, line.style_dotted, line.style_arrow_left, line.style_arrow_right, line.style_arrow_both. Default is line.style_solid
    width: Line width. Default is 1

  Line object created from points
    start: Starting point of the line
    end: Ending point of the line
    properties: LineProperties object which defines the style of line
    object: Derived line object

  Properties of label object
    xloc: X Reference - can be either xloc.bar_index or xloc.bar_time. Default is xloc.bar_index
    yloc: Y reference - can be yloc.price, yloc.abovebar, yloc.belowbar. Default is yloc.price
    color: Label fill color
    style: Label style as defined in Default is label.style_none
    textcolor: text color. Default is
    size: Label text size. Default is size.normal. Other values are, size.tiny, size.small, size.normal, size.large, size.huge
    textalign: Label text alignment. Default if text.align_center. Other allowed values - text.align_right, text.align_left, text.align_top, text.align_bottom
    text_font_family: The font family of the text. Default value is font.family_default. Other available option is font.family_monospace

  Label object
    point: Point where label is drawn
    lblText: label text
    tooltip: Tooltip text. Default is na
    properties: LabelProperties object
    object: Pine label object

  Linefill object
    line1: First line to create linefill
    line2: Second line to create linefill
    fillColor: Fill color
    transparency: Fill transparency range from 0 to 100
    object: linefill object created from wrapper

  BoxProperties object
    border_color: Box border color. Default is
    bgcolor: box background color
    border_width: Box border width. Default is 1
    border_style: Box border style. Default is line.style_solid
    extend: Extend property of box. default is extend.none
    xloc: defines if drawing needs to be done based on bar index or time. default is xloc.bar_index

  Box Text properties.
    boxText: Text to be printed on the box
    text_size: Text size. Default is
    text_color: Box text color. Default is color.yellow.
    text_halign: horizontal align style - default is text.align_center
    text_valign: vertical align style - default is text.align_center
    text_wrap: text wrap style - default is text.wrap_auto
    text_font_family: Text font. Default is

  Box object
    p1: Diagonal point one
    p2: Diagonal point two
    properties: Box properties
    textProperties: Box text properties
    object: Box object created
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