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Thanks to everyone that has been contacting me about the holy grail project, your comments and feedback have made this project much more rewarding. I'm excited for your further feedback. Here is Version 3.

How to use:
At the heart of this projects is a new kind of moving average that I have been developing. As such it is reasonable to think of these lines as highly enhanced and finely tuned moving averages. Their slopes, crossovers, spreads, and behaviors are all meaningful, just as in other moving averages. What is special about these is that if you trade their price crossovers, it almost never generates a real loss, just consistent profits. In trending markets these lines can give you all you need to know about trend entry/exit and details inbetween, effectively letting you get in/out at the top/bottom. In a ranging market they will show you ideal lines of mean reversion, and how to play them.

Description (Upgrades from V2), there are 3 huge improvements from V2:

1) It follows the price better: In the inputs window there is now a box called “Responsiveness”, it can have values from 0 to 5. At 0 Version 3 looks a lot like V2. When you turn up the responsiveness the lines follow closer when they should, and repel themselves when they should be distant. Unfortunately the lines are no longer as smooth, but it isn’t much of a problem. When you turn this up the lines can generate losses if you blindly use the crossover, this is because the slopes of these lines now have more meaning as they focus on the trend, and not how price moves right around it. This can also give very powerful signals if all 5 lines crossover in the same place. Mess with it.

2) There are too many neutral entries: Now every trade can be closed profitably! I posted an idea a few weeks back about “smart execution traces”, it is an intelligently suggested stop loss. The way you set it is in the inputs window at “Smart Execution Baseline”. If you are using crossover signals from Line 4, then set this to 4, if you use line 3 then set it to 3, ect… Unfortunately the lines are also not so smooth, but this can be a very helpful tool. If you play with it you can easily get a feeling for it.

3) Flipping between timeframes is now easier: Here you can bring a line in from another time frame. In the input window there is a box “Line from other timeframe?”. Here you can select the line you are interested in. Next you have to choose which timeframe you are interested it, you can choose this in the “timeframe multiplier” box. This multiplies you current time frame to get the desired one. If you are on the hourly charts and are interest in line 4 on the 6 hour charts, you first choose line 4, then in the timeframe multiplier you enter 6 to see the 6 hour red line in the 1 hour time frame. Likewise if you are still in the 1 hour and want to see the 15 minute red line, simply multiply by 0.25 (which is 1/4). Due to the limitations of pinescript it is easier to see smaller timeframes, getting a higher timeframe line requires more data. If you don’t want to consult another timeframe leave both of these at 0 to cut down on computational time.

After enough inquiries, the source code is now for sale.

If you are making money with this system and want to share it, here are my addresses. If you donated and want to see some of the indicators I am currently working on just message me so I can privately tag you in.

ETH: 0xcf1ca127d9cefb5efbe9557fa09a05cf4daea6c1
ZEC: t1dSFhH9jkG1z9AdGA27e2UqCMLdA2Y1or1
LTC: LQ1cssjU3dhqSa9K85ErqZYuRAPLfGKivA
BCH: 15zwnh2t2nM2bufnuPv12hJvJhFrU8iSFk

Please feel free to write in further questions in the comments below. Hope this makes some of you rich, happy trading!
Release Notes:
Something changed in pinescript that only allows nonzero sum lengths. To fix this I decided to cut the lookback line from HG v3. Feel free to message me if there is anything else not working.

Stay so positive that negativity runs away from you :)
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