[ALL-IN-ONE] Algorithmic S/R and Pivots and Long Term Levels

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Hello my trading padawans.

Hope you're all having a blast

Here's the invite-only script of the week. The ALL-IN-ONE saga continues with another script.
This time, I compiled a lot of algorithmic supports and resistances (S/R) - to be used with any indicators out there.
Those S/R are universal and work with all asset classes (FOREX, CRYPTO, INDICES, STOCKS, COMMODITIES, ...)
No one can predicts which S/R will stop a move - generally - the high timeframes S/R + the SMAs with a big input value - work as strong walls often forcing the candles to retrace a bit short-term.

At Today's post (October, 25th 2019 - 12 pm UTC-4), we see how useful they were, to identify how high BTC/USD could go before retracing.


1.🖐️ Access can only be requested through my website.
2.🖐️ My website URL is in this script signature at the very bottom (you'll have to scroll down a bit and going past the long description) and in my profile status available here: Daveatt
3.🖐️ A tutorial article/video will be provided on those sub mentioned links + Tradingview
4.🖐️ You obviously can contact me directly for more information

II. 🔎 ALL-IN-ONE Supports and Resistances 🔎

You can display the algorithmic S/R, and/or pivots, (not finished yet) and the long terms levels.
For the 3 types of S/R, I pre-selected those that I think are the most relevant and useful for everyone. Please let me know if you'd like me to add/remove some.
All those listed by default are important and provide a MAP for a trader.
They give great take profits zones, levels where it's better to wait for a pullback before entering.

2.1 👁️‍🗨️ S/R mode 👁️‍🗨️

Each type of S/R can be displayed or not.

2.2 📱 Mobile optimized display 📱

Preview: imgur.com/a/ldMYqcL. I posted 2 images there

The script is made using the newest version of Pinescript, and displaying small labels for every support/resistance.
✨ This will come in handy for mobile users - they'll get nice looking labels displayed at the right of their chart.

Each S/R type have its own labels and label position. The script users can activate/deactivate them at will

Let's review quickly each one.

2.3 Algorithmic SMAs

I cherish, love, sometimes despite them, but they're very relevant for all asset classes. The tool displays as many relevant algorithmic and generic SMAs that I could think of.
The indicator lists about 18 different SMAs in multiple timeframes.

2.4 Pivots

7 pivots are displayed (S1/S2/S3/P/R1/R2/R3)

You can choose one of 4 pivot point types:

- Traditional
- Woodie
- Fibonacci
- Camarilla.

The fun doesn't stop here. You can also select a timeframe between Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly for those pivots.
For INDICES, for example, I use a lot the daily Traditional Pivots.

2.5 Long Terms Levels

Display by default the highest/lowest weekly/monthly/quarterly/monthly levels.
The scripts user can chose to select the previous highest/lowest also.


If you have any doubts or questions, please hit me up directly or ask in the comments section of this script.

I'll never claim I have the best trading methodology or indicators.
You only will judge and I'll appreciate all the questions and feedback you're sending my way.
They helped me a ton for developing indicators based on all the requests I received.

May the force 💪 be with you all 🥳.
Release Notes:
- Added members keys
Release Notes:
Fixed member features
Release Notes:
- Replaced the SMAs labels by plotshapes
Release Notes:
- Added alerts on Long Term levels breakout
Release Notes:
- Added another Algo S/R
Release Notes:
- Fixed an SMA
Release Notes:
- Added script versioning
Release Notes:
- Fixed the camarilla pivots
- pivot labels now contain the timeframe info
Release Notes:
- Removed the emojis due to platform bug discovered Jan 29th
Release Notes:
Version 3.0
Fixed pivot yearly resolution
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
- V3.6 added user keys
Release Notes:
Added a new Moving Average
Release Notes:
Added thickness input for the SMAs. Allows to change their thickness at once
Release Notes:
V4.5 - Pre-selected the most important S/Rs for the Algorithm Builder Frameworks
Release Notes:
V4.6 - Added thickness for Pivots
Release Notes:
V4.7 - Fixed the "max_bars_back" warning
Release Notes:
Version 4.8
Added alerts for whenever a pivot, SMA, long term level is being crossed over or under
Create just 1 alert with the alert() function call option

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