MarketGod v7 Backtest

TVMarketGod Updated   
Included for backtesting with MarketGod Indicator . Access via the website.
Release notes:
Release Notes:
Updated to Match Indicator at v7.0.2

  • Same Buy / Sell Criteria
  • Cleaned up appearance

MarketGod v7 Buy or Sell Indicator (and Strategy) are Premium Tools we offer here on Tradingview. You can purchase access at
Release Notes:
Trials Now Added. Visit our Site for Details.
Release Notes:
v7.0.3 Update to the Backtest to match the updates from early February to our Main v7.0.3 versioning.

Link to v7
Release Notes:
Upgrades to v7 into v7.0.5 backtest. Standardizing all back-tests.
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
  • Corrected the timeframe settings which had a bug that would not factor in date preferences
Release Notes:
v7.1 Strategy - As promised in community Discord
  • Upgraded and removed bugs
  • in alignment now with the indicator
Release Notes:
minor changes
Release Notes:
v7,2,6 Upgrade - in alignment now with indicator source script.
Release Notes:
  • Upgrading the alert system to new and correct verbiage
  • Upgrading the labeling system to match new versioning
  • Upgrades to the SL system to be more accurate
  • Upgrades to the TP system to be accurate
Release Notes:
Updating to 7.2.9
alert and bug fixes
slight aesthetic changes
Release Notes:
MarketGod v7.3

Several updates needed and we recommend updating your alerts on these changes.
Numerous changes include
  • Matching the visual appearance to the study version of MarketGod v7
  • Labeling errors corrected on satoshi label txt options
  • Alert errors fixed from 7.2.9 update
  • Script standardization and clean up efforts
Release Notes:
Revert from discord
Release Notes:
MarketGod v7.3 Update

Alerts and Plots re-mapped to be accurate and reflect changes
Release Notes:
MarketGod v7.4
Version Update July 25, 2020
MarketGod v7.4 combines the overwhelmingly popular aspects of MarkeGod v7-v7.2 input, which we had adjusted in v7.3, in alignment with the visuals from v7.3 as well.
This adjustment shows strongly more accurate results and was made aware to us from our Discord community. Alerts should work as intended.
Release Notes:
UPGRADING to v7.4.1

Logic on Strategies adjusted - SL and TP functionality improved
Release Notes:
Functionality of SL and TP improved infinitely
Release Notes:
MarketGod v7 Upgrade
August 18, 2020
  • We have taken the entire take profit and stop loss functions and reprogrammed them into trailing stops.
  • ALERTS WILL REMAIN THE SAME, since the script itself and each versions buy and sell criteria are the identical and were not altered at all.
  • Seperation of the TP and SL functions, so both can be turned on or off
Please email any questions or problems to
Release Notes:
Upgrade to MarketGod for Tradingview

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