Relative Performance Indicator

Ever since I started with trading, I was interested in the relative performance over a given period of a certain crypto against Bitcoin. This is particularly useful for finding potential winners in trending markets. In bullish markets you want to look for crypto’s that are underperforming against BTC, with the hope that at some point in the near future they will overtake BTC’s growth and see exponential returns.

This indicator should not be used on a timeframe lower than 1 hour, else the amount of noise could be distorting your trades. With the standard settings this indicator compares your currently selected asset and compares it against Bitcoin’s performance over a given period.

How to trade: I use this indicator to find crypto’s which could see strong returns in the near future because they are lagging behind (blue area < zero) BTC, and therefore have more ground to make up for. The first pic is a trade which I recently shared on Tradingview using this indicator. ALPHA's returns were weakening compared to Bitcoin’s and was therefore a decent buying opportunity. Also, this indicator is great to find potential tops (or bottoms). When the blue area starts peaking and reversing, it would be a good moment to exit your trade.

It’s not recommended to use this indicator “naked”. Use it to find potential undervalued (or overvalued) assets and adjust your trading plan accordingly.

Select the “Difference Switch” option if you’d want to attach an alert to the study. This alert will trigger once the indicator goes from negative to positive or the other way around.

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