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With the adoption of cryptographic assets reaching new heights, it is undeniably important to continuously expand and improve current indicators just like how these assets update with new lines of code over time.

Philip Swift’s Pi-Cycle Top Indicator has effectively signaled market and local tops to within 3 days, with the most recent occurrence being on May 12th 2021.

If it were possible to find the cycle/local top of each cycle, a similar analogy could be used to pinpoint the bottom of Bitcoin’s price.

These Pi-Cycle indicators are merely just two moving averages which, when divided by each other, are equal to the value of π.

π = Long MA / Short MA

350/111 = 3.153; as per the existing Bitcoin Pi-Cycle Top indicator.

Pi-Cycle Bottom for Bitcoin

At first, the existing “Pi moving average” pair (350/111) was realigned to see whether they cross at the bottom of the Bitcoin price.
They did not, only to be a lagging indicator in both 2015 and 2018 cycle bottoms.

A possible pair was discovered when the short MA was set to 150:

π = Long MA / 150
Long MA = π * 150
Long MA = 471 (rounded to the nearest whole number)

This resulted in a Pi MA pair of 471/150.
Using the multiple x0.745 of the 471-day SMA and the 150-day EMA (exponential average to take into account of short term volatility ), the price of Bitcoin bottoms at where they two moving averages cross:

When the 150-day EMA crossed below the 471 SMA *0.475, Bitcoin’s price had bottomed for the market cycle.
Over the last two market cycles, this indicator has been accurate to within 3 days also.
Release Notes:
Upon doing research added a box to show when the fast ma gets above the slow ma again.

Fast ema cross slow ma usually means parabola

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