Price Clouds Oscillator (PCO)

This is the oscillator version of Price Clouds (PS). Use this with (PS) for best results.
This indicator shows you over bought and over sold regions similarly to to rsi or stochastic. This indicator centers a moving average around the hl2 of the price. This is calculated as the difference of four moving averages. The signal line shows you how much momentum in any given direction you have. You can also see how much volatility there is by the band width. Just like the Bollinger band high volatility comes before low volatility and visa versa. You can also see what the market is doing based on the signal crosses. If the fast line is above the slow line you are going up and visa versa. This indicator works in most markets, especially crypto. There is a tool tip for every aspect of this indicator explaining how everything works.

Key Feature:
>See where the price is relative to a mean price
>Measure volatility
>Clean global settings
>Normalization feature lets you scale the band from 0 to 1. You loose some information but its easier to use if you aren't measuring volatility.

I hope you are very profitable with this one!
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Release Notes:
New feature added: Histogram
Fix: Changed the center of the normalized setting
Release Notes:
Tooltips updates
Organized menu
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Added presets
Release Notes:
Its been good.
Release Notes:
Redone from the ground up. Enjoy.
Release Notes:
chart update lol
Release Notes:
minor update
Release Notes:
Added a new a new bandwidth view for when you are using normalization. Improved ui.
Release Notes:
I added a candle view feature. :)
Release Notes:
You can now customize the color :)
Release Notes:
added delta macd colors and cross indicators
Release Notes:
added more cross
Release Notes:
Added alerts
Release Notes:
Made alerts easier

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