Blue FX Trend Strategy

Hi, welcome to the Blue FX Trend Strategy Script.

What does it do?

Our strategy will help you identify the current trend in the markets and highlight when this is changing. The strategy itself is based upon 4 indicators lining up in total confluence to increase the probability of the trade being a success, this is specifically an EMA , MACD settings, Supertrend criteria and also Momentum.

Absolutely no technical analysis is needed to trade this successfully - this can be used on all time frames and all pairs - obviously with varying profitability as all pairs work differently - this can be reviewed quickly in 'Strategy Tester' to hone in on your own desired settings.

When all criteria is in alignment the strategy will convert all candles to the relevant colour - Green for an uptrend and Red for a downtrend; a candle that is printed normally simply shows that no current trend is in place to warrant a colour change. A normal coloured candle could possibly indicate a change in current market direction or the market consolidating before a further move in the initial direction. When a new signal is valid 'Blue FX Buy'' or 'Blue FX Sell' will be displayed and the small arrow shown on candle open for entry.

How do I use it?

Our strategy is invite only - upon joining our group we will allow you access to the script. This will then simply display on your device ready for you to start trading from. There is substantial functionality within the strategy, you can;

See the success of the default settings in the past using the 'Strategy Tester' Function for numerous settings
1. Following the settings 'Trail'
2. Changing your TP function with the other criteria listed
3. Using a Fixed TP or SL function

Upon changing the Script to 'Fixed' you will see numerous trades on the chart displayed differently.

Scaling into a profitable position is also possible - this is ideally done when the candle colour confirms the trend is continuing after rejection/support from the EMA ; we show this below;

You could also enter here if you missed the initial sell signal, we have MA rejection and a red printed candle indicating all confluences are in play and we have high probability for the move to continue.

How do I know its profitable?

We have built numerous customisable settings into the strategy for you to see that this is profitable - you can visually see this too. The settings are also customisable to find the right criteria for the right pair on the right time-frame. Ultimately, with the strategy confluences in place, you are putting probability in your favour and can quickly determine the trend in place if there is one. Within the customisable settings there is a compound function too, so if you were to compound your profit the results can be exceptional.

We have also added an H4 confluence, so you can ensure if trading on a lower time-frame you are in the overall direction of the H4 trend too, a useful setting for more confluence again.

Where do I set my Stop loss or Take Profit?

There is no right or wrong to this and we have attempted to build numerous ways of doing this into the strategy for reference.

For setting a SL you could;
1. Use a fixed SL.
2. Place the SL below the last high or low in the trend.
3. Use an ATR function.
4. Place the SL 5 pips below the last 3 candles.
5. Or, trail the price if you are on screen until the next signal is given and a new trend starts - although unless a big trend, you may miss out on some profit by the time price has pulled back.

For placing a Take Profit, you could;
1. Use a fixed TP.
2. Look for the next supply/demand area on the chart (if it breaks and candle colour supports direction - you could enter again).
3. Use an ATR function.
5. Or, trail the price if you are on screen until the next signal is given and a new trend starts - although unless a big trend, you may miss out on some profit by the time price has pulled back.
6. Secure multiple TPs - 20/50/100 pips with Stop loss to entry after the first target is hit.

Here are some examples of the Buy and Sell signals in action;

Will also work on Commodities and Indices as shown below too;

Our recommended visual settings are below;
1. Set to'Trail' Strategy
2. Under 'Style' tab, select Trades on Chart, but un-select both Signal Labels and Quantity to clean up the chart - these settings are useful when testing to see where the trades are opened and closed.
3. We like the candles changing colour to the trend and criteria set however, these can be turned off to display normal bullish and bearish candles.

When reviewing profitability you can do this by selecting 'Overview' 'Performance Summary' and 'List of Trades'.

Please consider that the settings based into the strategy could differ to your own money management rules and your management of your SL and TP as outlined above - we have tried to cover as many bases as possible here.

We look forward to you using this strategy to profit from the market, please share your feedback and results with us.

Kind regards
Blue FX Team
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