Swing/Daytrading strategy with reversal option

Hello, today I bring a swing reversal strategy that work on all financial markets.

It uses timeframes starting from 1h, the bigger the better.
Its very dangerous because it has no stop loss, neither a take profit. Our exit condition is based on the reversal on the entry .

For entry we have 2 types : normal and reversal

Lets say we want to go long , for that we check the last CLOSE of a candle with the previos HIGH. If its higher than that, and at the same time CLOSE is bigger than the moving average, we have a long entry.
For short we have CLOSE with the previous LOW. If its lower than that and at the same time is lower than moving average, we have a short entry.
For moving average we use T3 MA

For reversal what I do, is , I take the short condition and I apply it to long, and for long I apply the short condition.
On many cases I found out it work amazingly.

I forgot to add: it also has a time entry system, so we use the best hours/sessions for entries .

Exit a trade: lets say we enter short, when we find a long condition, we close short and enter into long. Viceversa for long.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Enjoy it :)
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hello @SoftKill21,
can I modified this strategy to work for cryptocurrency?

Thank You!