Joe's Ultimate MA Ribbon (w/ Crossover Triggers)

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Tired of having to add multiple moving average indicators to your chart? Well, stop doing that.

Here's a sweet moving average ribbon (with 1-10 moving average lines!) that will make your charts look much cooler 😎.

Not only that, it also includes triggers for MA crossovers. So, can pick which MA crossovers trigger for longs and shorts separately. Yup, you read that right.

  • Show/Hide MA Lines: Only show the lines you wanna see. No more. No less.
  • MA Type (can be different for each line!): EMA, SMA, SMMA (RMA), WMA, VWMA
  • MA Source (for each line): open, close, high, low, hl2, hlc3, ohlc4, hlcc4
  • MA Length (for each line): any number between 1 and 4999
  • Line Colors: Ooh, pretty.
  • Triggers: On or Off
  • Crossover Long Triggers: When _______ crosses over _______ on timeframe _______
  • Crossover Short Triggers: When _______ crosses over _______ on timeframe _______
  • Trigger Characters and Location
Release Notes:
  • Revised: Name of "Triggers" to "Signals"
  • Revised: Location of trigger options from top of Input options to bottom of Input options
  • Added: Ability to change signal shape and location on the chart
Release Notes:
Fixed: MA 04 not displaying on the chart. bad.
Added: version number in the short title that displays on the chart
Added: Fixed 100 and 200 moving averages (can change styles or disable altogether, if desired)
Added: In addition to entry signals, now there are also exit signals that can be configured in the same way entry signals are configured (oooooooh...aaaaaaaah)
Added: Ability to turn on/off entry signals and/or exit signals

Please note: It is best to choose different locations for exits and entries, so they don't overlap. The default settings display ENTRIES above and below the bars and the EXITS at top and bottom of the chart. This can be configured in the Style tab.
Release Notes:
v1.3 Updates:
  • Changed indicator name from "Joe's Ultimate MA Ribbon" to "The Hummingbird," because it's awesome.
  • Added a higher timeframe 200 MA. Givin' the people what they want.
  • Added secondary styling for the 200 MA's. Like, a thick red colored line with a thin white line in the middle of it. Stylin'.

Enjoy, friends.
Release Notes:
v1.31 Updates:
  • Changed name back to original, because TradingView doesn't change the name in its database. So, you're stuck with this stupid indicator name forever.

I'm sorry I've ruined your life. 😭
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