TVMarketGod Updated   
MarketGodx for Tradingview

  • Buy & Sell Alerts can be set on all Tickers. This includes, but is not limited to Crypto, Commodities , FOREX, Equities and Indices
  • Recommended Time-frames - 1h,4h,6h, 1D , 3D and 1W time-frames will yield the highest returns
  • Buy & Sells can be customized in color of appearance, changed to show the price, or removed entirely
  • This approach is a longer-term trade than previous versions. Note the noise reduced from both v6 and v7
  • Note this was built on BTC USD - But works on all other tickers as well

Side Notes
  • We will update any bugs as we see them, and we plan to add SL, TP and a few other components to make it more intuitive, once we have the strategy posted as well
  • Please see our website for more details. It is linked in the signature below
  • In the event the tool warns of Repainting, we can assure it is not. The monthly time-frame is referenced in the source code and this provides a mix in data between real time and historic data

This is not financial advice. Please read our disclaimer before using. MarketGod Trading - Release of Liability
Release Notes:
  • Adding Prices back to all labels
  • Alert Bug

Users do NOT need to reset their alerts. We encourage a refresh and re-add to access.
Release Notes:
Label Switch 2
Release Notes:
Bug fixes on price labeling
Release Notes:
Upgrade to MarketGodx

  • Substantial improvements to performance
    It was a point of ours to make this tool as great as possible, and this release does exactly that. While it will be a mission we continue to add to, this indicator is by far our best strategy release yet. There are endless amounts of performance data we are looking forward to sharing with you in the near future to support his claim as well.
  • Noticeably less bugs from the get-go
    -- Feedback on MarketGod v7.2.6 made it clear that the little bugs needed to be eliminated, and fast. As a result, we now implemented a strict version control method to our source scripts to keep current with old bugs we’ve eliminated.
  • Improved Alert System
    ----Self Explanatory, see our tutorials page for how to add
  • Reduced Chop Noise and Less False Positives
  • Depending on your preference, MGv7 had too many, and MGx had too few. In our opinion, the fewer the better, but this can be adjusted.
    ---Re-Added the Noise Filter
  • Slightly different than MarketGod v7, but much simpler
    Tradingview Has Enabled Alerts for Strategies
    Which allows us to now accomplish what we previously couldn’t, and as a result We are releasing both the indicator and strategy but the strategy can be used as both.
Release Notes:
Updating to same veresioning as recently published backtest strategy.

Suggested Uses
  • MarketGod will inevitably produce false positives. We've taken steps to reduce this but we highly suggest you add this as a component of your strategy, not an end all be all
  • That said, please do not feel the need to fire a trade based solely on a marketgod signal, or to every signal it fires.
  • MarketGod users should backtest their strategy using OHLC candles for best results
  • Heikin Ashi candles were recommended in the past, and we have eliminated the need for them, meaning that traditional candlestick inputs will yield the highest results.
  • MarketGod will always give stronger alerts on higher TF's. If the 1-Day has fired a given signal and the 30 min or similar fire the opposite signal, know that the overall trend is still likely downward. Same concept applies to all timeframes on this tool.

    Adjusting the Filter Settings
    This tool has a noise filter for users to adjust.
    The filter is a percentage based calculation, between significant points in time. The filter ranges between .5 and 25, with .5 increments
  • For lower TFs (IE Intraday), keep the filter set between .5-5
  • Mid-TFs (4H,6H,12H,1D), the recommended range is between 5.5-10
  • Higher TFs (3D and Higher), look for approx 11-20 range
Indicator Access
You can access this indicator by following the link in our signature below.
Release Notes:
Updating to match accompanying strategies adjustments
Release Notes:
Non-Performance Related Upgrade to add Requested Feature from Discord Community. No need for updates on alerts, as 98% of the script is unchanged
Release Notes:
Visual Changes for Aesthetics
No need for users to adjust alerts
Release Notes:
Lowering % Diff min to 0 and steps by .25
Release Notes:
Flip Alerts Problem - Bug Fixed
Release Notes:
MarketGodx Update - July 12th 2020
  • We have fixed the labeling problem present under plot type => labels => crypto (satoshi)
  • We have also added a component that may impact the users experience with buy and sell alerts. We encourage users to reset the alerts established to keep their charts up to date.
Release Notes:
Alerts should be more than perfect now.
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
slight adjustments
Release Notes:
Upgrade on August 18, 2020
  • Adjustments to show MarketGodx² plots at time of load (previously showed blank)
  • Slight Script Adjustments to prepare for MarketGod v8 Announcement (surprise!)
Release Notes:
Upgrade to MarketGod for Tradingview
Release Notes:
Matching with TVMarketGod and MarketGodx
Release Notes:
Update to Pine v5
This script is deprecated. All bugs / errors / issues of this restored version will not be addressed. Use at own risk.

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