A.M E Trend

Hi Trading View,

This is my Custom Indicator and Strategy that i am currently using. This is a Trend following indicator that plots entries on certain market criteria.

The indicator will Plot Bollinger Bands and also 2 EMA's on the trading time frame and also 2 EMA's on the Daily time frame for quick view on overall market Direction.

This indicator is looking for:
Market Direction
Pullbacks to EMA's
Price Action
Lows and Highs
Trend continuation

Once these conditions are met the indicator will place signals onto the chart in the direction of the trade.

This indicator will look for both Long and Short Signals.

This indicator can be used on Multiple Time Frames and currency pairs.

I use this indicator mainly on the 15M and 1H chart.

You are also able to set alerts for the signals so if you are not near the charts all the time you will get a notification pop up on the trading view app

User discretion should be used while using this indicator, I look for rejection and reversal candles such as a Doji , Long Wick Bar or Engulfing .

Trading Rules:

Stop loss below or above previous low or high of signal bar.

Look for a 1:1 or 1:1.5 risk reward (some trades go way further).

Have Fun and Enjoy.


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