MA Crossover Alerts for Small Quick Profits on 3commas/DCA bot

Dear fellow 3commas users,

This is a the most basic Moving Average crossover technique generating Buy Alerts.
This is especially written for those of you who want to link this basic crossover strategy with your 3commas DCA bot.

Buy Alerts
Moving averages available:
- Simple Moving Average (SMA)
- Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
- Weighted Moving Average (WMA)
- Hull Moving Average (HullMA)
- Volume Weighted Moving Average (VMWA)
- Running Moving Average (RMA)
- Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)

Recommended settings for using with 3commas DCA bot:

3m to 15m

3commas bot setup:
- TP/TTP: 0.3%/0.1%,
- Base Order: Your choice,
- Safety Order: 1.2 * Base order
- Safety Order Volume Scale: 1.2,
- Safety Order Step Scale: 1.5,
- Max Active Deals: Your choice,
- Price Deviation to Open Safety Order (% from initial order): 0.2%,
- Max Safety Trades Count: 7,
- Simulatenous Deals per Same Pair: 3

> Create Alert with Buy Alert and link it to your bot "Message for deal start signal"
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