Rocket RSI

Rocket RSI indicator script.

This indicator was originally developed by John Ehlers (Stocks & Commodities V.36:6, RocketRSI - A Solid Propellant For Your Rocket Science Trading).
Release Notes: - Added ability to choose the number of the poles of Super Smoother Filter
- Refactored
Release Notes: Refactored
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awesome man!
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everget AlexMayorov
@AlexMayorov, thank you!
get2PoleSSF(src, length) =>
arg = sqrt(2) * PI / length
a1 = exp(-arg)
b1 = 2 * a1 * cos(arg)
c2 = b1
c3 = -pow(a1, 2)
c1 = 1 - c2 - c3

ssf = 0.0
ssf := c1 * src + c2 * nz(ssf) + c3 * nz(ssf)

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everget levith
@levith, ? they were defined in the code, what's a problem?
levith everget
@everget, Sorry, I was wrong. Thank you for your answer.
Because arg was used twice, I was wrong.