Any 8 Moving Averages - Alerts, Clouds & Percentages


This is a fully customizable moving average cloud with alerts. It has 8 moving averages that can be individually set to any type such as: EMA, SMA, HMA, WMA, VWMA & RMA. Each moving average paints green when price is above it and paints red when price is below it. They include colored clouds between the price and each moving average as well.

You can individually change the length, colors, type of moving average and turn them off for those of you that only want a few moving averages on your chart at once.

There is also a percentage gap table that tells you how far away the price is from each moving average which are labeled accordingly.

You can also set alerts for when price crosses each moving average.

***HOW TO USE***
When all the moving averages are green, buy dips down to the next lower moving average. When all the moving averages are red, short the tops up to the next moving average.

Trade in the direction of the trend and wait for all lines to turn one color before taking trades in that direction.

Make sure there is a big enough percentage gap to the next moving average before taking a trade.

This indicator can be used as a signal on all markets, including stocks, crypto, futures and forex.

This moving average can be used on all timeframes.

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Release Notes:
Added ability to move percentage table to different areas on the chart.
Release Notes:
Added ability to turn the percentage updates table on or off for users that don't want that info.
Release Notes:
Updated to make the percentage gap background color match the color of each moving average individually so it's easier to identify each moving average.

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