Perpetual swaps basis

This is a perpetual swaps basis that works for both BTC and ETH (check settings).

A perpetual swaps basis, or 'perps basis' for short, looks at the price of a perpetual swap contract and compares it to a spot index. The point of the indicator is to see whether the perps market or spot market is trading higher/lower.

Indicator values will be positive when perps are trading higher than spot.
Indicator values will be negative when perps are trading lower than spot.

Generally speaking a spot bid is considered bullish because it's a more accurate representation of real demand. When perps are trading higher it's usually because directional traders are aggressively going long which is dangerous/bearish because this is leveraged money that can easily get shaken out. It could also be that perps are trading higher because spot is selling off hard, but this is also bearish so the result the same.
Summary: most of the time a perps premium is bearish, and a spot premium is bullish.

I would never trade based on 'signals' of this indicator alone, but it does offer valuable confluence in your market analysis.

In the settings you can either select the individual basis for each perp contract of the three biggest derivatives venues (Binance, Bybit, OKX) or you can select my custom global basis.

For the individual basis I've recreated to the best of my ability the official spot indices that these exchanges use and compared those to the perp contracts.

For the custom global basis I've made my own weighted perps price index and spot price index and then compared these indices to each other to get a more global overview of how perps are trading versus spot.

The perps index includes the following contracts: Binance linear USDT, Binance inverse USD, Bybit linear USDT, Bybit inverse USD, OKX linear USDT, OKX inverse USD.
The spot index includes the following markets: Binance USDT, OKX USDT, Bybit USDT, Coinbase USD, Kraken USD, Bitfinex USD, Bitstamp USD.

Extra notes
I will update all of the indices when necessary.

Some of the basis' will look weird on certain timeframes if you go far back enough in the past. This is because the OKX USDT spot market data used to be bugged in a weird way on TradingView and this is an important market that I just had to include. So past data that includes this market will look very erratic. This is only a problem for past data, it currently works fine, so current data is correct.

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