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Hello fellow Trading View member,

Eventually our rebranded update with some extra features for our exclusive 'Edge' Strategy Script.

In this description I will run through;

The strategy itself, what is it?
What does it do?
How does it work?
How can it help you?
How good is it?

What is it.....

The Edge Strategy itself is based upon 5 indicators lining up in total confluence to enter a position in line with a trending move. Adding them together adds more confluence and probability to each individual trade outcome over the longer term. The individual strategies used are based on Trend strategies all used in combination.

The uniqueness to this is how they are combined. Indicators can work to a point individually of course, but combining them together and only trading when all are in a line was our concept, whilst reviewing how each individual indicator can be optimised to work with the others.

Also the motivation was to be the right side of the market in a trending move and capitalising on as much as that move as possible.

The first part is to ensure the candle close is above or below our moving average, we can then check the state and validity of each of the other 4 indicators. Once this confluence is in alignment a trade is valid for entry - this has to be valid at the same time - but not all valid on the same candle - they will come into alignment in different stages. But once they are, our trade is valid.

I will not reveal the other individual 3 indicators but the other is also an ADX function to add a threshold into the strategy to identify a trend - usually above 20/25. This has upsides and downsides as any user can visualise and see in the testing.

We also add to the script to look for a Buy then Sell, Sell then Buy - we found this had more profitable results overall and next phase was to review the money management; where and how we placed our SL and when and why we exited the trade.

Example - for a BUY trade to be valid, all 5 indictors must meet their own criteria before a BUY is printed on the chart. Absolutely no technical analysis is needed to trade this strategy and the data we have is based on using the strategy in isolation - how you wish to use this either independently or supporting your own trading is of course, up to you.

The SL and TP's are based on ATR Multipliers thus ensuring we are factoring in market volatility at that time. We also have a FT (Follow Trend) option, which is a worthy addition for capitalising on big trending moves.

This strategy will work on all markets and timeframes.

We understand and accept that all pairs and markets are different thus we have optimised certain pairs and timeframes with different parameters to provide increased returns, these are hard coded (H1 Timeframe) and also provided for your review.

Profitability is easily viewable in the ‘Strategy Tester’ - this is a great tool. This is where you can see historic / live data for the strategy.

Data like;

The Net Profit
Number of trades
Win Percentage
Every trade taken
Average Win
Average Loss
Maximal DD , etc.

We have individually optimised each pair to ensure this is the case and hard coded these parameters into the strategy. All you need to do is flick between the pairs - the strategy will then identify the pair you are on and change the parameters to suit in the background.

Whilst a trade is open, the strategy will convert all candles to the relevant colour - Green for an uptrend and Red for a downtrend (all customisable).

We find this is helpful for traders psychology - not getting 'spooked' by other candle colours, affecting your decision making.

When a new signal is valid, 'POW BUY' or 'POW SELL' will be displayed on the first candle open for entry. As well as this, you will also have the trade label print which will display the following;

- EP – Entry price
- SL – Stop loss
- TP – Take Profit
- Lot size

The trade information printed will also tell you the pip values of your stop loss and take profit based on how far away they are from the trade entry price.

The lot size printed is customisable and unique to your account- within the strategy settings you can simply input your account balance, currency and risk approach which includes a fixed risk amount, fixed lot size or a fixed percentage.

This removes the need for 3rd party apps or websites to quickly calculate your specific risk on your trade. Thus saving you time and making sure you aren't 'guessing' with your lot size.

No one likes losing more than they thought.

The progress and initial challenges....

To start, our first version simply showed the buy and sell arrows when a trade was valid. However, this caused subjectivity with where we would place our stop loss and how we would manage the exit of the trade once we were in it. So, we identified a solid strategy for this was incorporating the Average True Range (ATR) for SL and TP options.

I was especially keen to add the SL and exit management so I could obtain solid back testing data to support my thoughts that 'this works'. Every trader requires confidence and belief in their strategy, without it you simply won't succeed or be disciplined in your execution.

The other challenge we all face is calculating the lot sizes of our trades right? So, it was important that we incorporated a lot size calculator - its all about making it easy when a trade is valid to enter without trying to calculate this accurately.

Lastly, when pairs are stuck in a range - this can be a testing period of 'chop' for a trend strategy, so we also incorporated the ADX function to enable us to set a threshold level to identify when the instrument is more likely to be trending.

What does it do?

Ultimately, tells you when to buy and sell - where to place your SL and when to exit. Whilst also ensuring your risk management is on point, by displaying your trading lot size. Also providing you with live back tested data at your finger tips thank you to the strategy tester.

How does it work?

This will be visible on your trading view charts once you get access. And will work across all your devices, the trading view website or the app on your phone for example.

You can also use Trading View alerts, so you won't miss a trade and can go about your day as normal without watching the screen. This will work on the Free version of TV, however, in order to benefit from more alerts and templates it makes sense to upgrade to a higher package.

How can it help you?

This will help give you a mechanical approach to your trading. This means, less decision making on your part, with the instant benefit of seeing the data you have at your fingertips thanks to the 'Strategy Tester' TV Function.

It will save you time, you don't need to be in front of your screen or completing any subjective analysis.

Integrated lot size calculator can ensure you are always accurate with your risk - either in percentage or a fixed amount of risk - whichever you prefer.

Understand Probability - this is the key one for me. Losing runs happen in any trading strategy. The great benefit here, is you can see them. How long were the losing runs? How can I prepare and plan my risk management around them are all fundamental keys to managing your emotions and being detached from your trades. No one wants to feel stressed or anxious when trading.

Customisable exit strategies - A specific TP for a 1:1 RR or 1:10 RR for example can be adjusted and you can see instantly how this affects the profitability.

The exit strategy options are shown below;
TP 1/2/3
FT - Follow Trend (no stop loss and follow's from Buys to Sells, Sell to Buy, etc.
SL + FT - SL present, but trade is held until a reverse signal is presented.

How good is it?

We have some really positive back testing data across a range of pairs and markets - equities and indices too.
Drop me a DM to see these and I'll be happy to share.

Below let me show you a screen shot of how this can work for you.

How do you access this?

Please visit our website for signup / purchase information in the first instance (the link is on our trading view signature) or send us a private message on here - its impossible to keep track of comments on our posts so to ensure we don't miss you, a private DM will be great please.

The Back test shown on this example is based on the Trading View mid price and also a realistic starting Capital of £10,000. This test result is also based on a 0.1% risk per trade, with a 5 tick spread and a commission of


Disclaimer alert.
Please remember past performance is exactly that - how our strategy performed over those dates tested, it is not obviously a guarantee of future performance. Most of our H1 data is valid from Jan 2017 to now - so 4+ years and data on 650+ trades per pair.
Release Notes: Update to fix the missing SL plot for alerts.
Release Notes: Entry line reset to white.
Release Notes: Update to hard coded settings.

More Info here: https://link.team-pow.com/TV

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