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MarketGod for Tradingview
The MarketGod Indicator for Tradingview sets the standard for any Buy & Sell indicator available in retail trading. By combining dozens of components of technical analysis , this indicator / chart study will reliably deliver insightful alerts to your market of preference, as well as any time-frame to your liking. The buy and sell alerts are optimized by Pine v4, the most recent programming language that is native to this Tradingview platform. Below we will detail many of the positive opportunities that are available to us and ultimately our users, via the power of Pine v4.
Dynamic price plotting and zero repainting - we are consistently upgrading our scripts although we have finally found the right balance to evenly alternate the buy and sell alerts depending on the previous. The challenge to do this comes mainly from the repainting issue that many indicators on Tradingview will run into when using any sort of data that calls on higher time-frames or other markets (the security function). We have zero repaint warnings, or repainting occurring in general.

Menu Description
While using the indicator, users can change the look and overall feel of the indicator. Each menu item has a correlated description that weโ€™ve broken down below for users to better understand their available changes when trading a given financial asset

1. MarketGod Version
  • Adjustable between all versions of MarketGod releases. The exact versioning is listed in the later portion of this post.

    2. Chop Filter
    Implemented in MarketGod v7, but applies to all versioning options. Scale of 1-1000 that represents a length of an EMA to measure the time portion of change over time

    3. Filter %
    Only works on MarketGodx and represents that % change aspect of change over time

    4. Plotting
    Plot options include classic MarketGod Plots and newly upgraded โ€˜Labelsโ€™

    5. Label Text (requires #4 plotting to be set to โ€œLabelsโ€)
    Options include

    Buy + Sell (classic)
  • Buy+Sell with price added
  • Buy +Sell with satoshi added (WORKS FOR ALTCOIN CRYPTO TRADERS ONLY)
  • Minimal (the simple crown logo)

    6. Label Size (requires #4 plotting to be set to โ€œLabelsโ€)
    Toggle to preference. Works only on labels, not plots.

    7. Background Highlights Toggle
    New feature to highlight the bars that normally have plots, in the event the charts are too full and trader prefers space / clean look.
    Additional changes in this upgrade are described below. There are many available functions that can be customized in the indicator. Note this may differ from the strategy, which will have slightly different menu options

    Dynamic Price Levels on Label Tips for Label Based Plotting
    When using Label based plots (changing #4 in menu to โ€˜labelsโ€™) users can simply hover their mouse over the given alert and see the pricing associated with the levels + recommendations on where to look for entries and exits. Following these levels exactly does NOT guarantee financial gain and users should proceed with caution.

    Dynamic Price Labeling on Label Plots for Crypto Traders/Altcoin Investors
    For all crypto traders on altcoin markets, you can now see the altcoin prices accurately in satoshi based price levels.

    Background Highlighting
    If needed, traders can highlight the buy and sell signals on their chart simply by toggling this option on and off. This will highlight as red for sell and green for buy, unless the trader would like to change that, which they can easily do on the Indicator plotting style section of the user menu.

    MarketGod Versioning Options
    Over time, we have released dozens of indicators and versions of our tool. Between the indicator and the strategy alone, we have over 1000 versions in our database / repo with little to no source control originally implemented. That said, we have thousands of users who prefer different tweaks and changes weโ€™ve made over time. Weโ€™ve put the core and most popular releases into the main version of this tool and will potentially expand this when the feedback is coming in from our users. The versions included with this release are the following
  • MarketGod v1 (technically v1.2)
  • MarketGod v2 (technically v2.1)
  • MarketGod v3 (v3 original)
  • MarketGod v4 (technically v4.1)
  • MarketGod v5 (technically v5.3)
  • MarketGod v6 (same as published)
  • MarketGod v7 (same as published)
  • MarketGodx (technically MarketGodxยฒ)

    If you are new to our user base or community, we recommend MarketGod v7 and MarketGodx as your primary versions to use. The others are no-longer upgraded and are originally lower quality while we developed the indicator into what it is today.
    That said, the major differences between each version is the components that make the buy and sell parameters. Each version is ideally an improvement of the last, but there is debate amongst our users whether they prefer v7 or MarketGodx, which you can decide for yourself on. In the future, we plan on releasing MarketGod v8, which will be the continuation of series we continue to develop and grow as much as we can.
    We are also planning on releasing a heavily requested and very popular indicator from our early days in 2019. The indicator was called the Ichimoku Trader and it is entirely based on the Ichimoku-based trading strategy. We are in the process of upgrading the script but it will be released late-September to early October for users to access. This item will be not considered a โ€œBuyโ€ and โ€œSellโ€ indicator and will be available for purchase, as it is separate from the MarketGod Trading Series AKA the MarketGod Buy & Sell Indicator for Tradingview.

    Upgrading to MarketGod for Tradingview
    For our current users, we plan to upgrade the tools under our new and soon to be only Tradingview account, @marketgodx. The user TVMarketGod will no longer be publishing tools and we will migrate our user base to the new account, which will provide more consolidation to our social accounts and the general name of tools/how to identify them.
    Add MarketGod to Charts on Tradingview
    To add the new version of the MarketGod Study and Strategy to your chart, follow these steps below.

    1. From the home page, select โ€œchartโ€
    Alternatively you can go straight to in your internet browser

    2. From the charting platform, select the โ€œindicator libraryโ€ which can be found at the top of the desktop page or the bottom of the mobile app

    3. If you have access to MarketGod for Tradingview, you will see on the left side of the indicator library menu, a tab that is titled โ€œinvite only scriptsโ€. Select the tab and you will see two scripts listed.
  • MarketGod for Tradingview (from user MarketGodx)
  • MarketGod for Tradingview (from user MarketGodx)
    4. Choose your preferred script to add the indicator straight from the library itself.

    Deciding Between the Strategy and Study
    In the past, we have heard of users who are not sure which of the scripts are better for their use. To simplify this, we recommend using the study. Studies are unique from strategies in terms of programming in pinescript in that studies can set the alerts that MarketGod fires, while strategies are unable to do this.

    Limitations of studies
    Studies are ultimately just the components that build a strategy. They are reactive to the market and reflect current price in relation to the environments a market is in. That said, following a study alone, is not advised, even if it is the MarketGod study.
    Meaning, users should use the MarketGod indicator as an add on to their trading approach, not the entirety of it. This is in context of comparing them to strategies at least, which we also include the strategy version of MarketGod for those who prefer.

    Limitations of Strategies
    As mentioned above, compared to studies, Strategies are proactive to market movements, not reactive. What you see is A plan that is done executed regardless of the direction of a market. Strategies are primarily composed of several indicators in most cases. On, the strategy and study functions in Pinescript are each different in how they are used, and each has a different use case for how users interpret or apply either.
    While strategies are useful to see how your strategy would have performed in a market environment, there are too many factors that can strain the data and make it inaccurate or manipulated from the reality of a market move. This is why we have included every detail of OUR application of the MarketGod study to a strategy we have posted. Note that the % success or the profit that result are not indicative of its overall value, as you can use the study itself in several ways, of which we recommend testing via the Pinecoders Backtesting Engine to see more results similar to what youโ€™d expect for a trading strategy you are personally adding MarketGod to.
    Best Practices for Strategy Testing
    Please refer to our strategy testing guide in our user manual for further reading regarding the best practices of strategy testing on

    Components of the MarketGod Buy and Sell Indicator for Tradingview
    Our tools are all built using fundamental technical analysis and include various functions and calculations that are components of well known indicators including
  • Relationships between the Keltner Channel & Bollinger Band indicators
  • Various components of the stochastic calculation, which ultimately calculate the KDJ indicator
  • Variations of the MACD study
  • Variations of the RSI Indicator
  • Components of probability theory
  • Components of Elliot wave trading
  • Components of Wyckoff systematic accumulation and distribution
  • Advanced pattern recognition
  • Ichimoku Trading Systems
  • Mean Reversion and HULLMA Calculations in relation to standard deviation across multiple timeframes
  • Several Functions of the โ€œMarketGod functionโ€, which we have built over years of testing
Release Notes: MarketGod for Tradingview
Strategy and Study Upgrade to v1.0.2.2 | October 5, 2020

  • Removal of Label + Plot options - will remain only as "Plot" visibility with similar options on text changes available. Note the ToolTip level suggestions that were released with the labels will still remain present. Simply hover over the candle around the buy/sell plots and see the same 'buy/sell level around XYZ"
  • Adjustment to inputs to reflect prior versioning.
  • Indicators put in sync
Release Notes: slight adjust
Release Notes: Release Notes and Changelog
October 14, 2020
Release 1.1.0

One Substantial Change has been made.
Complete change of the input source from the combo of ha-candles to solely close of OHLC
  • This will enable the alignment of MarketGod versions in the past and the current tools.
  • We still expect some inconsistencies with previously published tools, some better and some for worse. (Will adjust accordingly, Note that MarketGodxยฒ is substantially different than original release)
Release Notes: MarketGod for Tradingview Upgraade
Release v1.2.0 - October 15, 2020

Surprise Release - Ichimoku God for Tradingview
We have re-introduced the Complete Ichimoku Trader from our first days on tradingview, a script that was developed by user @KingThies_ in early 2019.
The Ichimoku Trader will appear in the menu of this MarketGod study and strategy, and will trigger the standard buy and sell alerts that users are used to. Note that the Chop Filter will not impact the Ichimoku God results.

This release also includes fixes to multiple bugs we are now clear of, which were caused by using the incorrect source on many of our core components to the tool.

Thank you all for your continued support through our updates.

Release Notes: Publish Reference v1.3.0
October 19, 2020

  • Scripts Affected: ALL
  • Major Revert to the following inputs: MGv7.2.6, MarketGodxยฒ, MGv6 Beta & MGv5
  • All Alerts Require reset. This will be significant improvements to the premier versions of these tools

email for support.
Release Notes: MarketGod for Tradingview (Strategy) Release v1.3.1 Notes
October 26, 2020

  • Upgrades to strategy to include date window. will add time for intraday next
  • Updates to the alert system noted in discord
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