Underdog Trading Signal System

Based on & modified from popular ATR strategies, This is our very own buy and sell signals system. it should work on any pair, with standard settings, from btcusd , to us30.

It does work on most time frames, but with standard settings, i find the best results come from 15m time frames and 4h, along side general charting knowledge, this is a very powerful tool.

The printed line on the chart is a DMA (displaced Moving Average) which can be used for finding the trend direction, so if the price is above the DMA, only take the long positions, and if below, only take shorts.

The entries are designed to show you the direct buy and sells (as i said above), but also, will show you potential reversals, if the price is on the wrong side of the DMA.

As usual, if you have any further questions on how this system works, or if you wish to get access to this system, please DM on TradingView or follow the links below to find out more.

Look forward to hearing from you

TradingSargentAlpha @ UnderdogTrading

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