CM_DayOfWeek All Instruments V2

Updated Code That Highlights Bars Based On Days Of The Week.

Works On Daily and Intra-Day Bars.

Works on All Instruments. Stocks, Forex, Futures, Bitcoin.

Shows Correct Trading Sessions!!!

Ability to Turn On/Off Each Day Of The Week via Inputs Panel.

Open-source script

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//Created By ChrisMoody on 5-2-2014 - Updated on 10-28-2014
//Updates include Code now works for Stocks, Forex, Futures, bitcoin etc.
//Highlights Bars Based on Correct Trading Session.
//Colors Bars for Stocks Monday-Friday
study("CM_DayOfWeek_V2", overlay=true)
disMon = input(true, title="Highlight Monday?")
disTue = input(false, title="Highlight Tuesday?")
disWed = input(false, title="Highlight Wednesday?")
disThur = input(false, title="Highlight Thursday?")
disFri = input(false, title="Highlight Friday?")

isMon() => dayofweek(time('D')) == monday and close ? 1 : 0
isTue() => dayofweek(time('D')) == tuesday and close ? 1 : 0
isWed() => dayofweek(time('D')) == wednesday and close ? 1 : 0
isThu() => dayofweek(time('D')) == thursday and close ? 1 : 0
isFri() => dayofweek(time('D')) == friday and close ? 1 : 0

barcolor(disMon and isMon() ? (isMon() ? yellow : na) : na)
barcolor(disTue and isTue() ? (isTue() ? fuchsia : na) : na)
barcolor(disWed and isWed() ? (isWed() ? gray : na) : na)
barcolor(disThur and isThu() ? (isThu() ? aqua : na) : na)
barcolor(disFri and isFri() ? (isFri() ? orange : na) : na)