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Free Stock Charts

Free stock charts that are also good quality are difficult to find online. TradingView gives you high-definition quality stock charts with latest real-time market data. You can access free stock charts and quotes from any device that has a browser and an Internet connection. Whether you want to stay on top of the markets or share with friends, our simple, intuitive and free stock charts let you share your analysis into any blog, forum or website.

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What makes our stock charts different is the newly available technology, called HTML5. Our stock charts are interactive, and provide the quality of user experience that was not previously possible. The charts come with many popular tools for technical stock chart analysis. You can easily apply technical indicators such as Money Flow, Elliot Waves, and Moving Averages, as well as popular drawing tools, such as Fibonacci and Gann.

Key advantage of TradingView is that you can easily share trading ideas with other investors, as well as perform stock chart analysis. Investors, professional traders, market bloggers and financial journalists can all publish commentary on stock charts, and share it with the community and embed the charts into their resources.

TradingView also provides free forex charts, as well as an extensive collection of futures charts and quotes.

What is a Stock Chart?

Stock charts show historical and latest prices for publicly traded companies. Prices represent trades made by stock market participants when they buy and sell shares, which in turn represent ownership of the company. There are different stock chart types, such candlesticks, area, lines and bars to view latest market data. Anyone interested in the stock market, such as reporters, investors and analysts can perform technical analysis on stock charts and identify potential trends. Through technical analysis traders attempt to predict where prices will go next.

Various tools help investors perform technical stock chart analysis, such as technical indicators and drawing tools. Tools can be applied to one or several stock charts, in order to determine any existing correlations or other interactions. Prices on stock charts can be viewed in a number of formats, including candles, bars, lines or shaded areas. Different stock chart types reveal different information about the price tendencies, which means they can be helpful in different situations. Each stock chart can also be viewed in different resolutions, such as days, hours, or minutes. This helps zoom and see more precise market action on any particular stock chart.

Stock chart trading involves buying and selling shares, which are percent ownership of publicly traded companies. Buyers can hold their stocks indefinitely and receive dividends, or sell them for profit.

Popular Stock Charts

There are some popular stock charts that are viewed more than others. TradingView provides real-time market data for each stock chart, as well as more than ten years of historical data for context. This section gives some ideas for popular stock charts, but you can view any stock that interests you. Remember, there are different time intervals available for each stock chart (hour, minute or day). There are also multiple stock chart types, such as lines, areas, bars or candles. Make sure you play around with different stock chart types and intervals in order to see different angles into price action. For example, a daily resolution, where each bar represents one day, will give you a much better idea about long-term trends. Candle stock chart type will intuitively color code price action for each bar, with green for gains and red for losses.

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Embedded Stock Chart

Embedded stock charts from TradingView can be a great advantage for any website that wants to provide real-time market data to their users. Inserting a chart is easy, just like a YouTube video. Any visitors to your site can interact directly with the embedded stock chart without leaving. Data on embedded stock charts can be moved left, right, up and down, zoomed in or out, or changed to a different symbol. Previously people needed to have standalone software, take screenshots, format them and upload them on some service to show someone. Embedded stock charts take all of those steps out of the equation, making it easier to share trading ideas and stock charts online. Embedded stock charts also come with stock chart analysis tools and real-time market data. Below you can see an example of an embedded stock chart.

Types of Stock Charts

There are several major stock chart types that can be applied to any stock chart – OHLC bars, continuous lines, candlesticks, and shaded areas. OHLC stands for Open, High, Low and Closing prices for a given time period. Each stock chart type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the candlestick stock chart type has easy-to-understand color coding, body and wicks. Wicks represent range from high to low, and the body is the distance between open and close, with red for losing period and green for gaining. OHLC stock chart type is one of the most popular stock chart types because it provides easy to see information on the four key points of a bar. Proper stock chart analysis begins with researching different stock chart types and trying different resolutions to identify which one works for you.