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BTCUSD No Long price will Go to 65000,Just Keep Hold Your Sell Positions,Mark my Words" and Happy Eid.,💗

BTCUSD If this holds the 200D MA I'll eat a salad.

BTCUSD another pump to 70k coming soon 🤑

Hoping for 70K is good. Data dont lie. The bomb will drop when it gets officially rejected from 50MA support. Thats quality sell trade. You still have time today. 😎 ranging market.
BTCUSD Price will go down to 65k, push up a bit and break previous low then keep selling.
Target 60k

BTCUSD If you didn't realize, bulls hesitated to go up 12hours ago and followed by red candle. Price reversed at 61.8% golden ratio. Bear are coming in to party 🎉🎊🥳🪅 Believe or not its up to you BULLS.
BTCUSD I can't understand why pple are anticipating longs here, when price is selling to 60k

BTCUSD dropping now its done
BTCUSD charts are not so good for a bull case now . if the 60k support gets broken we might go down to 54 to 50 . in any case the obvious thing is that this cycle is different I've been in this thing since 2 cycles ago and non of the moves are like other times . unfortunately wall street broke Bitcoin but in the long run we are good for near term trend a time correction is more likely. remember between 25 and 31k

BTCUSD The only meaningful chart is on the 6mo time frame, anything shorter looks like brownian motion. What a confused beehive!