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BTCUSD The only meaningful chart is on the 6mo time frame, anything shorter looks like brownian motion. What a confused beehive!

BTCUSD Will drop to 60k the fade back up breaking 72k

BTCUSD bears careful.

BTCUSD Go up! I need to buy a last minute gift for father's day!

BTCUSD take a look at the 3 day as it relates to the middle Bollinger band moving average. when the MA is trending up, price tends to drop below it. when the MA is trending down, price tends to be supported by it. Will it be supported by it this time?

BTCUSD bulls just getting happy for no reason.
BTCUSD No real change here just chop rangebound. Really needs a wash or a rip for me to be interested at this point as the ranges have really tightened

BTCUSD scalped longs here, looking to take 3hr high maybe .

BTCUSD imminent pump to 67200

BTCUSD why u guys dont see the bigger picture 😞