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BTCUSDT made a quick 2700 off a quick scalp 65.1k to 66.4k 🥂🥂

BTCUSDT i ttok a tade in 5 minits let'z see how is paly


BTCUSDT I think recent pullback has to do with the Morgan Stanley’s warning report that there are no institutions really pouring the moneys into the market ETF only accounts less than 8% of total BTC market.

BTCUSDT DOGEUSDT SHIBUSDT I felt something ominous closed my BTC long position with almost no profits and opened SHIB and Doge shorts. There will be no support for SHIB below 20000 and doge below 0.125 straight dump into 10000 and 0.1 if things go wrong. Doge $0.125 is the last support and bounce zone if can’t have strong bounce further down town $0.09 ~ $0.1.

BTCUSDT.P keep calm guys
- 5m POC @ 66.9k
- 15m POC @ 66.9k
- 1h POC @ 67.7k
- 4h POC @ 69.4k

BTCUSDT how much you have invested in BTC?

BTCUSDT turning into green 😂

BTCUSDT.P why would you want red when green feels so much better...

BTCUSDT.P So far it looks good for bears. We hold the daily candle below 66k and it should go down.