China Inflation Rate YoYChina Inflation Rate YoYChina Inflation Rate YoY

China Inflation Rate YoY

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About China Inflation Rate YoY

In China, the most important components of the CPI basket are Food (31.8 percent of total weight) and Residence (17.2 percent). Recreation, Education and Culture Articles account for 13.8 percent; Transportation and Communication for 10 percent, Healthcare and Personal Articles for 9.6 percent, Clothing for 8.5 percent; Households Facilities, Articles and Services for 5.6 percent; Tobacco, Liquor and Articles for the remaining 3.5 percent. The CPI basket is reviewed every five years on the basis of household surveys. Revisions reflect new spending patterns and economic development, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. Last revision took place in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

The highest figure China Inflation Rate YoY has ever reached is 28.40%.
The lowest ever China Inflation Rate YoY is −2.20%.