AAL - Double bullish missing right shoulder divergence on Daily

NASDAQ:AAL   American Airlines Group, Inc
Long trade on American Airlines group

Double Missing Right Shoulder Divergence

On the weekly The impulse is yellow and allows the trade
On the daily I see a bullish double missing right shoulder divergence, Stochastic RSI curling up on the daily, prices also diverging with MACD lines and EFI .

On the 4H Timeframe Thers is a triple bullish divergence as well, including MACD-lines and EFI divergence.

Stop loss is 2 ATR levels away on the 4H timeframe.

Entry 9.85
Target 1: 12.61
Target 2: 13.99
SL: 8.31
R/R ratio: 1:1.85 to 1:2.44

I had my entry on 9.82, but that was missed by 3 cents.
Let’s see if we can get in tomorrow.
Comment: toploss was hit. Yes. 8.31, and it went to 8.23. Can you believe it? As if it was hunting for it. Reentering again.
Comment: Missed target by only 10 cents! Ah snap!

Got out @ 12. Still 20% gain.
Trade closed: target reached