Apple Stock Daily Analysis, RSI & MACD Divergence

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The Apple inc Stock has been doing very well for itself in the last couple of months, Both the short-term and long-term trends are positive. This is a very positive sign.
AAPL is currently trading near its 52 week high, which is a good sign. The S&P500 Index however is also trading near new highs, which makes the performance in line with the market.

An RSI Divergence has been found between the stock and the indicator, which could indicate a drop in price for the next period of time, But knowing that the Stock is still doing very well but there are signs that the price could be dropping other than the RSI , The MACD is having a Negative crossover and a divergence but still shows that the market is Bullish , And the stock price has reached the Bollinger Bands upper end which could indicate a small drop.

Scenarios for the market :

Scenario 1 :

The market has reached the resistance level at 148.86 and now it's trending above it with no confirmation of a breakout yet, but if the Bulls keep on pushing then we will see a breakout at that level and the price will keep going up reaching the 150.58 resistance area where the Bull power will be tested by the Bears in hope to drive the price back, If the Bulls were able to prove them self then we could see the price going back to the 151.68 range which was the all-time high for this stock.

Scenario 2 :

The market is trending 149.71 and it reached the resistance level at 148.86, We did notice an RSI divergence and a Negative crossover between the MACD line and the Signal line plus a MACD divergence, And the market almost hitting the upper band in the Bollinger bands . With all of that, the market is still holding a Bullish position but these signs could affect the market and a drop will happen where the price will be headed near the support zone from 147.14 - 146.10 where the Bulls will try to win back control again.

Technical indicators show:

1) The market is above the 5 10 20 50 100 200 MA and EMA (Strong Bullish Sign)
2) The RSI is at 60.41 showing great strength in the market, with a divergence between the indicator and the market which could indicate a drop.
3) The MACD is above the 0 line showing that the market is in a Bullish state, Negative crossover between the MACD line and the Signal line. With a divergence between the indicator and the market.
4) The Bollinger Bands are showing a squeeze which could indicate that a huge move is coming soon.

Support & Resistance points :
support Resistance
1) 147.14 1) 148.86
2) 146.10 2) 149.54
3) 145.42 3) 150.58

Fundamental point of view :

AAPL's Return On Assets of 26.32% is amongst the best returns of the industry. AAPL outperforms 97% of its industry peers . The industry average Return On Assets is 1.29%. And its Profit Margin is 25.00%, The industry average is 2.10%. AAPL outperforms 97% of its industry peers .
Based on estimates for the next 5 years, AAPL will show a quite strong growth in Earnings Per Share. The EPS will grow by 12.37% on average per year.

South Korea is likely to bar Google and Apple from requiring software developers to use their payment systems, effectively stopping them from charging commissions on in-app purchases, the first such curbs on the tech giants by a major economy.
For Apple , commissions from in-app purchases are a key part of its $53.8 billion services business and are a major expense for some app developers.

This is my personal opinion done with technical analysis of the market price and research online from fundamental analysts and news for The Fundamental point of view, not financial advice.
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