Breaking down APPL once again to the T!!

Last years NASDAQ:AAPL analysis on my Tradingview was perfected to the T in detail. I'm glad to know that a lot of my followers took profit following my entries & exits.:) Go check it out on my page if you still haven't!

After hundreds of request since last year. I have decided to go ahead and make another breakdown for 2022.
Before entering a trade three types of analysis should be performed.

Fundamental Analysis = The study of financial statements and economic news. (Overall Trend)
Technical Analysis = The study of chart history. (Entry & Exit Strategies)
Sentimental Analysis = The study of the markets current psychology and traders psychology.(Instinct)

After performing the three analysis below are my results:

Fundamental Analysis = LONG (BUY)
Technical Analysis = SHORT-TERM SELLING (Pull back into our LONG positions)
Sentimental Analysis = Market is taking a breather due to USD valuation increasing.

To better explain:

This means that right now momentum is headed downwards technically but the overall trend is up fundamentally.
So since we know the overall trend is upwards but we are currently headed downwards it creates the perfect timing to use our Fibonacci Retracement tool. A tool that is used to find important entry and exit levels in a trending market. Which is traditionally applied to the low & high of a trend. Here were my results:

As you can see in the chart above we have already retraced lightly down to the 23.6% fib level. Markets are showing a bit of a slowdown in momentum as US dollar decides it's next move. If momentum continues downward we can eventually see an amazing bargain price at the following fib levels below.


Place LONG orders totaling anywhere from 0.5-5% of your total trading capital on each retracement level below:

23.6% = $172.50 (BUY) *Currently prices are around here*
38.2% = $166.00 (BUY)
50.0% = $155.50 (Great trade opportunity) (BUY)
61.8% = $119.15 (What i consider the PERFECT IDEAL TRADE) (BUY)
78.6% = $148.00 (ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!!) (BUY)

Take profit 1: $177.00 Secure about 10-25% of profits in this zone

Take profit 2: $182.94 at the previous ATH . (All Time High) Be patient and trust the process. Take some more or all profits at this level as well. This monster of a tech stock will most definitely return to break more records in the upcoming months when the continuation wave arrives. If not just stand back, take notes and analyze price action.

Take profit 3: $193 This would be the first take profit from the Fib Extension.

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Comment: Typo on 61.8% level it really is meant to be 155.48 and 50.0% level is actually @160.00
Trade active: Close 50-75% of positions. Hold rest of positions risk free.


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