GOLD MINE-Expansion GEM, ABX: The WAVE-EXPANSION Will be Epical!

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Welcome to my new analysis about a Major Gold-Mine Gem I recently spotted forming worthwhile underlying dynamics that have the potential to transform the whole chart price-action into a massive expansion-dynamic to elevate the volatility to levels not far from the moon. Gold has been around for several thousands of years and with gold also the exploration that already created many historical expansion-waves in which gold mines and exploration facilities could expand over 1,000-4,000% in the shortest period of time. Especially, when new explorations proceeded in territories where gold has never been explored before making the source of a continued worthwhile exploration even greater.

The Glorious Past of Gold-Mine Stocks and What Can be Derived From it For Today:
Today, a time has emerged in which a gold-backed currency system could emerge again similar to the gold-backed systems and trademarks in the 20st century. Such a implementation of a gold-backed currency system is going to accelerate the exploration of gold massively and especially in such times where more and more gold is being explored this will be a transformational expansion act for companies like ABX, Barrick Gold Corporation as the gold-backed system needs to find the sources of gold to back the legal tender capital. This will be available in the mining facilities and when a large demand meets a not fully maxed out supply this will be a huge driver of price-expansions towards the upside.

The Implementation of a Gold-Backed Currency System and the Effects on Gold-Mine Stocks:
If a major gold-backed currency system is going to be implemented as there are many plans to this currently this will raise the demand in gold exploration literally over night and only out of this perspective it is going to setup the structure for a massive volatility expansion-wave for gold mining exploration stocks as only a small demand-increase even in a moderately sized economy-field it is going to raise the market-cap of exploration stocks to levels not seen since the gold bull-market with the peaks in 2011. Many conversion of the fiat currency into the gold-backed currency are going to drive the price of a the stock massively.

The Massive Price-Expansion-Potentials to Accelerate With a Gold-Backed System Implementation, Technical Chart Price-Action:
Considering the chart price-action now Gold moved on to form several important dynamic in this whole structure. Firstly it created a gigantic descending channel-formation with a momentous inverse head-and-shoulder-formation forming coherently within the channel. This is from where the gold exploration gem had the origins bouncing both within the lower boundary of the channel and the lower boundary of the inverse head from where the price-action already bounced to solid levels and is now boiling up for a much larger move and breakout dynamic to accelerate the price-action into expanding spheres.

What is so important here in this whole chart is the fact that the price-action is already greatly bouncing above the 20 level where several important indications have their origins. The most important indiciation of this level is the fact that within this level the major Golden-Ratio Trend-Acceleration-Bounce-Zone is allocation. This zone is the zone between the 50% and 61.8% Fibonacci-Level as it is marked in my chart. Especially, when the new gold-backed currency system is going to be accelerated in the implementation within the next times the breakout of the inverse H-S-Formation as it is marked in my chart will be almost inevitable.

Prospects and Previsions of a Gold-Backed Currency-System Implementation With the Preceeding Price-Action and Transformational Price Level:
The next times will be highly important to watch out here especially when the gold-backed system should accelerate the mining facility production the completion of the first breakout as marked will move on even faster than expected, determining this, what follows once the breakout has emerged are the next accelerations of the price-action into the further spheres till the second breakout and trend-acceleration is going to shoot the price-action to major levels with the targets at at least 302.5-310 as it is marked.

Also the meetings of the economies that are looking to implement the gold-backed system are extremely important to watch out especially when the gold-backed currency is being finally implemented and the demand meets the mining facilities this is likely to transform the price-action into the major expansion-phase. The meetings of those economies will be held throughout the year especially in October to November there are likely to be major news into this direction. Remember, that even the implementation of the gold-backed system in a moderate economic field is going to accelerate the price-dynamics heavily as the demand will be around 140 times more than the present unexplored supply.

In this manner, thank you everybody for watching the analysis, support from your side is greatly appreciated.

Also highly important for this Stock View is the actual current GOLD Price-Action itself, here is My Analysis on this:
UPDATE: ABX is now within the major accumulation zone. More smart money investors are loading up shares here for the upcoming expansion movements.

ABX is going to activate huge expansions with the final neckline breakout into the upper directions.


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