Aurora Skies :) Mini Price Bump? Long term perspective VALUE BUY

Howdy TradingView Family!

Hope you guys are doing well and having a great day. ACB and the majority of the weed stocks are being hit..and hit hard! However after seeing 100-200% gainers on most stocks its not surprising to see a 50% retracement . If any of us who have traded or invested in crypto in the past this is nothing, but all too familiar.

Let's move forward with how we should approach Aurora.

Stock Dilution? Issue? YES! Does it hinder growth? Nope! It's an issue, but they are not the type of group to pay for companies that wouldn't pay out in the future!
Partnerships? YES! Small deals with UFC & Pax Labs ($1.6B Vape Pen Manufacturer)
Leadership? Great leadership. Been in the stock since 2014. It hit every milestone . No bullshit. Actions louder than words.
Nelson Peltz? Why would a famed Billionaire put his reputation on the line in a proposed "high risk Highly speculative" industry? Because...MJ Sells. The black market always existed before. Narcos Anyone? Its legalized in Canada, 11 states in the USA, its a matter of time until its legal in the USA and its going to be a full fledge bull run..

Social norm of MJ is drastically changing. Ask anyone in the USA age 30 or below if they ever smoked? 80% Of people is yes. Canibus and CBD / THC are entering mainstream markets. Even the dam Kheils has CBD infused facial oil . It does help with pain and stress relief. WAY LESS SIDE EFFECTS THAN MAINSTREAM PERSCRIPTION DRUGS. Also...uhh natural? If God made this beautiful green earth.. its much better then a strong pharma drug made in a lab where the wrong doseage kills ya!

Don't be the loser that said I would have, should have, could have. Heard it 1000000x and said it 10000000000000000000000x more myself. Get some big balls. Invest and hold for the swings. #BTC is swinging for the fences..but it was dead quite when it was trending $3000-4000. No one is ever there for the shitty days but everyone wants to ride the wave up. Well we are in the shitty days of MJ, but let me tell you... I'm 90% invested with my capital and 10% cash to pay for my daily expenses.

I'm in the market to achieve financial freedom. I know you guys are too if not you wouldn't be looking at my dam chart. So HOP on this GRAVY BOAT and let's make some money. I've made some people pretty rich. (i'm still a long way off) Come join and make some free $$$$.

Anti-Fomo Zone: Buy now around market ± a few pennies. You can lose a couple %'s, but if it breaks out you are in it baby! 10-20%
Buy Zone #1: 30-40% of buys positioned here. I'm more aggressive than others. This is if the chart breaks on the 4hr and I can see a small down on the Daily.
Buy Zone #2: Bottom of market? i have a 95% chance of saying yes. Only thing that can destroy the bottom of $6.27 is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE NEWS. ACB fucks up. Or Govenment does a 180 degree.


STEP TWO: $10-12 (6 months to 1 year out)
STEP THREE: Hold for 1+ Years. There will be ups and downs. Easily seeing this as a $20+ stock. ACB will need to do a stock repurchase or a reverse split to reduce the shares outstanding.
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ACB a value play? You gotta be shitting me
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regalia flepple2
@flepple2, haha MJ hater? Go short it :)