ADABTC completes 1 day golden cross/picture perfect ih&s pattern

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
We can see here on the 1 day ADABTC chart that the price action is responding quite bullishly to the recent 1 day golden cross. Also we can see a picture perfect inverted head and shoulder pattern here which cardano has just now broken above the neckline with good bullish volume to match it. There is still a slight chance at a fakeout here but we should know by the next 1 day candle if this is a legitimate triggering of the inverted head and shoulder pattern. With the volume confirmation here probability favors a breakout more than a fakeout currently especially coupled with the recent golden cross and so I'm listing this idea as long. We also have talk of cardano being added to the ledger cold wallet and cardano also being next up to be added to coinbase...the coinbase rumor is not as solid as the ledger speculation but both are certain to be impacting price at the moment. If the ih&s breakout is triggered I have put a projected breakout price target here in green.