ADABTC parabolic following inverted H&S

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I was dumbfounded to see that I hadn't done many publications on cardano (not since last december) and given that it's one of my favorite alts with a solid roadmap, great team of devs & a genuine whitepaper alongside KYC transparency & Charles' vision for what is essentially XRP on steroids...

Personally, I read the whitepapers, roadmaps, research devs & budgets, supply & demand , consumer confidence, etc. among other variables on ANY/EVERY coin and/or token before I take a major (or even minor) position -- I cannot stress this enough. You wouldn't buy a product or service if you didnt' know what it did, would you? You wouldn't buy a stock for a company you've never heard of, right?

So it baffles my mind how so many "traders" will take such large entries on alts with >=500 mil in global mkt cap & have NO idea what that alt is other than the name/symbol/logo avatar. If you're day trading, youre gambling. If you're swing trading alts you've never heard of -- it's no different. Some of you wallst tycoons -- traditional instutionatal investors; beit stocks/real estate/ commodities /whatever; seem to make this mistake so often I cannot begin to tell you (if I had 1 satoshi for every time i've seen it) a forex trader with decades of experience dives headfirst & tosses half his liquidity into a shitcoin only to get stomped out of the market during bedtime.

This is what makes stop losses so essential. This is why I hammer on the red horizontal as the QUINTESSENTIAL KEY ONE; with TP 1-3 or 4 green horizontals ALL PROSPECTS, NOT GUARANTEES. It's common sense to buy low & sell high, yet nobody does it. Case in point: Q417/Q118 I had about everyone and their mother blowing up my phone asking "teach me about crypto" "what's this about bitcoin" etc. etc. yet when we bottomed at the mid-end of Q4 during cryptowinter at $3700, I had LITERALLY 0 people ask me about crypto ONLY for that number to surge to about a half dozen people when we capped at 10K earlier in Q1.

Ultimately a good trader is not just one who only exhibits a great deal of knowledge, experience, research & practice. These are all prerequisites (and a given at that) yet the only way to make money in this "wild west of wallst" as I like to call it is to formulate a strategy, stay disciplined, NEVER FOMO/FUD, and DON"T DEVIATE FROM THAT STRATEGY. ALWAYS set stop losses and you'll be golden.

I implore anyone whose still struggling to get their footing to checkout my "10 Crypto Commandments" (which Il'l post below) as it has been an invaluable guide & the sole compass that has reaped the majority of my ROI for the past 12 consecutive quarters (even during cryptowinter) where I've managed to net positive on BTC gains.

I implore anyone to read it -- truly, it's something I really lean on as these 10 rules are my biblical goto guide for all things forex crypto trading. I can honestly say had someone provided me with a formula for trading asimilar or exactly like my 10 crypto commandments -- I'd have saved myself tens of thousands of dollars in painful trial/error "learning experience" losses...to date it's only been more fine tuned & anyone who has the mental fortitude and real passion for a full time career in crypto/blockchain I suggest you think twice & fully immerse yourself in what it is you're getting yourself into and if its for the "lambos" than you best turn around now and save yourself a world of hurt (and paper) so with this guide, something I highlight in my bi-quarterly crash course and teach to my cohorts as it is the 10 crypto commandments for a reason: each rule is a check/balance on the former or latter & the collective culminates into an effective always win never lose strategy GIVEN that you never PIVOT or DEVIATE -- but I digress, if you're curious to read more simply DM me on twitter /linkdeln or check it out below. it truly is invaluable in terms of the points I really press on and the mental fortitude necessary to survive in this game.

Now why did I refer to cardano as XRP on steroids?

One of the core missions of the Cardano project is to develop a decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency with smart contract capability, as well as delivering more advanced features than any protocol out there. Cardano has made financial smart contracts simpler through the Marlowe Project. Marlowe does this by allowing the user to write financial smart contracts by simply visually composing known building blocks. The existing building block toolbox has three categories: observations, contract and the money to be transferred in ADA.

Evidently one day Marlow will be used to faciliate & simplify the creation of nodes & smart contracts to power cross-border payments or even peer-to-peer automated payments.

Looking at the future of Cardano , the smart contract capability on the Cardano platform could create something similar or better than Ripple’s xRapid.

So picture an untapped market of roughly 2-3 billion between India/Southeast Asia & parts of China: cardano (much like OmiseGO) are two tokens that I've always favored & to this day keep in my SUPERLONG portfolio in my vault/ nano which mainly consists of low risk/low reward coins/tokens and has a cookie cutter diversified portfolio that is set to HODL until Q32022 -- at which point I would have not only accrued X where X = price of assets in the portfolio but also +43% APY which (between Blockfi, MCO , P2P, OTC, and other lending methods) I've created a NO risk ALL reward total of almost 45% guaranteeing a 150% increase in each asset while time runs its course.

So the hope there is that (hypothetically speaking, XRP -- one of the tokens in that portfolio --- I loaded up 100,000 XRP at $0.04 a token a long while back and while it has increased tremendously, I firmly believe it'll increase exponentially by Q32022 & by Q42022 that one portfolio alone should be able to secure my mortgage....though I digress.

I try to include a little writeup/oped for you folks as everyone else is just drawing lines & projecting analysis -- i want to highlight that since 2015 I always have and always will be focused on education, integration, global adoption.

I'm considering starting a youtube channel -- though still deliberating. I'll get back to you all on that. But without further adieu: your Cardano signal:

  • STOP 479
  • TP1 506
  • TP2 514
  • TP3 526

Keep in mind all indicators are working in our favor though as BTCUSD continues to trend sideways market volatility can swing the pendulum in either direction -- so SET THE STOP LOSS & BE VIGILANT!!

Peace & Love
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