Cardano Long-Term (385% Potential Mid-Term Target & More)

Let's review together the long-term chart for Cardano (ADAUSD) on Coinbase.

It is the same ADAUSD on all exchanges and valid as well for the stable coins, USDT, USDC, etc.

Cardano (ADAUSD) Weekly Chart Analysis

We can clearly notice the bear market that started right after the August 2021 price peak.

It is a long/strong bear market.

How do we know if the bottom is in?
Or better yet, how do we know that we will have a bullish wave/relief rally?


Notice that we have a low set on the 9-May candle (this is marked on the chart - the candle closed as a hammer which signals a potential low).

One month later, on the week of 13-June, also marked on the chart, you can notice a perfect Doji with a -9 count on the TD Sequential that ended in a higher low.

That's all the information we need.

The 9-May hammer set the low and this is confirmed by the higher low on the -9 Doji 13-June.

The high volume is also a giveaway.
Such strong volume yet prices remain the same.
Accumulation I should say.

From this point forward we can expect a relief rally based on the signals mentioned above.

This rally can last several months and then boom, out of nowhere comes a sudden crash and then another low...

Let's focus on the present moment...

Cardano is getting ready to grow!

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