Break out and successfull restest

KRAKEN:ADAUSD   Cardano / U. S. Dollar
Could it be this easy? Ada looks good here, my first target is the 0.22 range


Respectfully disagree, Cardano has been in accumulation for months, under 0.17, it has sr flipped this price and only see upside from here. My mid to long term target is 0.22 if you saw my previous ada analysis I called a shorterm downside to 0.15 in which it wicked down to yesterday. The longer we stay above the 0.17 level the more confident I am.
Contingent on btc
That price action doesn't tell you anything. Also the big institutions are timing their entries on the one hour chart, not the four hour. ✌🏻
Ryecatcher StewySongs
@StewySongs so what were you saying about the the big institutions and the 1 hour chart, not the 4hour....?? ada hit my first target on the head less than 24 hours after my trade call.