ADA running HOT!

KUCOIN:ADAUSDT   Cardano / Tether
Going long, selling at resistance then buying the pull back
Cardano is eyeing the top 5 ranking in crypto!! Incredible gains ahead
Expecting the bulls to stay in charge throughout July as we get closer to the "full" release of Shelley
Fundamentals might leave (charting/analysis) in the dust because of the hype around this project but for now sticking to logic and the RSI
Current RSI: 65
New support 0.09
New resistance 0.103
TP 0.10
Keep it simple, Stay profitable

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Thanks, happy trading
Trade closed: target reached: TP reached faster than expected, great profit.
Hit my resistance and pulled back
Trade active: First impulse wave complete, 1&2
Now for wave 3&4
Going long
Place your stop loss below .0955
Trade closed manually: This is not inancial advice, only for educational purposes.