Educated guess with manipulation potential for the short term.

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Algo is overdue for a massive funding round and could potentially have its own funding round with a strong show of support.
After careful examination with markets the past two years and manipulation in trading patterns. I believe this could happen quickly
with brief cooldown periods of trading testing support in the market before the next bull market. Funding rounds occur after large corrections
like this and Algo has most definitely been quiet for the most part. It looks like its time to start buying now. This does not mean the entire market
will be bullish new traders. This is just a buying opportunity for algo and potential rally for the project. I placed several potential correction points
that i believe will be close to what will actually happen. I will not go into details but i do know crypto whales have been buying very low volume over the past two
weeks. I am only bullish for Algo presently and have already made my buys this week. Can't wait to see the performance and breakout that should happen
at any moment. Manipulation is a tricky thing so i added a potential manipulation pattern with a retracement pattern from the previous breakout......
My prediction has been published for view. If you look close at the green retracement pattern you will need to make a new one from the bottom to the top of the previous cycle to get an average potential trade pattern. that is how i made the white manipulation pattern on this chart. Don't try to trick people or worse feed yourself some prediction that is not possible. This chart is probable with a high success rate of 86% accuracy
I was just told my prediction is outrageously low and a large volume pump could put ALGO into a high price range of 20.00 to 25.00. This comes from a big crypto backer and has me very bullish but can it happen. Well yes it can if a high volume trend starts and maintains over a long period of time. What do you think?
Chart was close enough. Support hit a little lower than expected. Support held strong and hope you secured your position.
Taking some vacation time.
Posted a new publication for bitcoin that could change everything. If bitcoin holds the 200 ma on the weekly then manipulation and an increase in volume will start funding the market immensely!!!
#1 do not trust gossip or SEC
Why would you trust a government that is 31 trillion dollars in debt and earning 5 trillion dollars in tax revenue after the increased taxes under President Biden. They just keep spending and digging a deeper whole stealing everyones money from all the crypto selling that they manipulate with the SEC tactics on the crypto industry. Its time to make a stand everyone. How much longer are you going to let them control your money illegally. This is the peoples market.
Gossip and news is a joke and do not know how the market works. If you have been an investor in algo you know money flows in and out just like any project. Sure i have lost a little money but i made over 300k in gain from the peak of 2021 when i sold. Now i start buying again in may and i have only reinvested around 50k
"yes thats 50,000 dollars" so far and i still have a substantial budget to continue buying. I will be buying everyday until all my gains from 2021 have been exhausted. Its not a loss until your original invest in a project turns red. That will never happen to any early investors in ALGO. I am not speaking on this anymore because i am not an influencer. I share my strategies and example potential of what could happen. Good luck to you all and i expect ALGO to be in the TOP 10 during the upcoming bull market. Thats my opinion and my TA is on track for high volume inflow anytime now. Waiting buying and not watching the gossip news.
I believe the projections on this chart will happen a lot faster than what is shown and the overall max peak of the bull market will be 10 times higher or more if inflows increase with my wallet holders.
SEC keeps delaying clarity. If you file a lawsuit that affects global markets shouldn't you have all the facts already to prove your case.
The SEC claims all these crypto assets are securities but can't actually explain why. They just say whatever they want and expect you to follow the rules. What rules exactly? The SEC said today they need 4 months to give coinbase an answer to clarity. The SEC has been refusing for years to give that answer while the rest of the world is accepting and giving public rules for clarity. This will all be overturned in court for incompetence and bad faith by SEC enforcement. The crypto market is a global market with diverse laws in different countries. I am not watching anymore. I have my holdings filled.
These 4 assets are in my long term cold storage. All in with what i wanted to buy.

I will trade other cryptos for short term gains but the 4 that i mentioned i will not take profit until i see what happens in 2025 2026 2027.
The selling pressure on the market could put trading into a long parobolic upswing like we had before and bitcoin dominance has a major impact on money flow. I am bullish and if your not that is your decision. The true manipulation moving forward is how many will hold and that determines the timeline. Market prices right now are perfect for me. I make bank every year to justify my holdings.
Anyone who is reading this that is involved with SEC lawsuits against binance and coinbase. Remember back in March 2023 when the U.S. government sent 40000 bitcoin to coinbase. I am curious what other currencies was sent to be sold. Is there a disclosure of what other tokens they sold. The timing of everything the government has been doing and the SEC targeting exchanges is contradicting everything they are doing. Wow so technically the government is laundering illegal digital assets and breaking the same laws they used to seize those assets. Thats what the SEC is saying so will the government have to walk back criminal charges and give seized assets back. Same rules apply for everyone right. Corruption is terrible and the manipulation is just distasteful. Who is going to sue and regulate the government into compliance to follow the rules that they enforce on others.

Manipulation to influence investor confidence. Not fun but expected
Manipulation from the oversold has thrown this chart out of whack lol....
There is a newer post that has the best potential for accuracy. I wouldn't look here anymore. There are way too many manipulators out there or just an abundance of people that just can't read charts.
This chart is voided. Manipulators are preparing a massive move. This chart is so wrong. I am quitting tradingview. A group of manipulators are targeting the large view publications. These people are very intelligent so it would be smart to stop giving our predictions with trades. They calculate how much you trade by previous publications. If you have shared info then they have a profile on you to guess around how much you trade. Do not like or comment on my publications. Go silent be ready bull market is about to happen. Good luck everyone

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